December 17, 2010

Blog Makeovers

It's no mystery why blogs change their looks, the more amazing the banner looks the more the readers' attention would be caught, and since its Christmas, and it is the season to be jolly, blogs have decided to change their looks to celebrate the season with their beloved readers and followers!

Below I have chosen four blogs that recently (give or take a few weeks lol!) changed their look, either to a Christmas one, or perhaps just to change the same old boring look they usually have on their blogs (to visit their blogs please click on the images)!

This blog is one of the most frequently checked blogs on Stardoll, in addition to having the three perhaps most friendly and welcoming owners MSM. Underneath Stardoll is known for its frequent change of banners, but this one caught my eye, with the luxury of snow everywhere, and the always welcomed red color for Christmas clothes, the banner looks fantastic! You can most certainly feel Christmas by just having a quick glance at this banner!

Another one of the most preppy fashion and modeling sites out there, owned by missricopenguin is Editorialized. Editorialized is one blog that really one of the most fun fashionable blogs out there, and some of the writers include our very own Noelle, and myself from MDM. The banner makeover though looks quite simple explains so much, and the color is so soft, delicate and overall fantastic for Christmas!

Stardoll's Most Wanted is a blog that really outshines any other blog, its one of the most popular blogs out there, because of its constant news and its fun-filled competitions that run through a daily basis! The banner withholds 5 members, from Left to right they are Filipa, Emma, John, Myself and Melanie! This banner is quite old, as I believe it is from last Christmas (when I used to write for the blog) but it still has a wonderful feeling to it, gets you so excited for Christmas, and the outfit choice is splendid, John certainly did a top notch job on this banner!

Finally, The Star Dose, one of my own blogs, and it is one of the most enjoyable blogs to read, however, even if this banner does not have a sense of Christmas, its one great banner to look at, the soft pink and the sensation of love certainly spreads out through your veins, the makeover is so different yet so spectacular, and it was certainly worth the wait!

So, What do you think of this makeover mania?

With love,


  1. I personally don't like 50% of the new banners you mentioned... they look a bit cheap and not nice :(

  2. I've never seen a blog like this so fantastic!
    is beautiful and wonderful!

  3. three of those blogs are blogs you write for. ur just advertising projects you are staff to/own :/

  4. Excuse me Anonymous, I dont believe it is any of your buisness what I do or do not post about. You just sit there, read or not read. Just don't comment negatively, keep it to yourself!

    I am pretty sure that last comment is a mirror image of you -laughs-

  5. Loved The Stardose make-over!
    About the rest... I'm not surprised, SMW has used that graphic more than once, and USD's graphic was simply taken by another doll page.


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