December 23, 2010

Desperate Love?

I had always imagined that my first post on MDM would be some what fashion related. However today, a different topic caught my eye.

Today I received two requests for what seems to be a virtual relationship. Nothing more than a complete stranger asking for more than my friendship without bothering to get to know me first. I could not be the only one to find this strange, could I?

I easily shook these requests off, and continued with my day-to-day Stardoll routine. I later began viewing parties in the Party Lobby hoping for some inspiration for a party I will soon be planning.

And I was shocked.

There were no elegant balls and not a girly get-together in sight, but instead, multiple...well, I will let you see for yourself.

I have no problem with Stardoll couples, most of them I find utterly adorable (My greatest example being filipinhamaria and llcooljason who have even taken the time to create shrines of each other in their suites!)

On the other hand, I am sure most of you are aware of this darker side of Stardoll where little girls fall over virtual boys (and other girls), and do the silliest things.

It seems everywhere I look on Stardoll - clubs, parties, guestbooks and so on.. there are sights that my eyes don't want to see and I believe these desperate shouts for virtual love (that's putting it into the most polite context possible) are going too far.

I feel Stardoll should be doing something about this. After all, this site is for young girls.

Is this going too far or am I simply over exaggerating?

Lots of love,

~ Zoë xoxo


  1. Amazing first post Zoe!
    I love it, love it, love it!
    But yeah, kind of freaky, right? o.O

  2. O.o I have never seen so many parties for love. O.o

  3. I love this first post. That is just terrible. Using this site for something completely different.

  4. I rea;;y enjoyed this post. I completely agree. You can't just say "Be my girlfriend" It's just a crazy thing to do.

  5. Thats a great post, I loved reading about it! Its so true, I go to join parties and theres a whole bunch of Speed Dating, etc, etc ones. ITS CRAZY. I never thought i'd see superstars do this, though, i'd think they'd be scared to lose their account for these things, I know I would be. Oh by the way, where can I get a job blogging for someone? I love to write about stardoll, have so many amazing ideas and am a great editor. Thoughts? ybother45 on stardoll - Add moi :)

  6. Zoe!! This was a great post!! I am so happy to see you have joined the MDM team!!

  7. Enjoyed your post, I actually read the whole thing unlike other post, no offense! Lol thats disgusting what those WHORES do!

  8. I was thinking the same thing about 3 hours ago! I went on looking for my friends club party and i saw them and i was so shocked on how people treat stardoll for it! When i joined on '07 there were no things like this. It annoys me how stardoll dont change it :\

    - Issy

  9. They are just creeps who have nothing better to do than wank over stupid sex talk with people they dont know :S

  10. I've seen that too. It's sick :/
    Stardoll was supposed to be a virtual game for FASHIONISTS, not to people who are bored and wanna talk about ***. I hope Stardoll will create some new systems to avoid it.

  11. Stardoll has gotten a life of its own now. Much different from what it used to be 3 - 4 years ago.

    It's now an escape to an entirely different world and people can now be who they always wanted to be and get what they always to get.

    Sad but true. We all can't just expect all butterflies and flowers on a virtual site. There will always be the darker side to it.

    There's a Yin for every Yang as they say.

  12. wow ! This is totally true, and a great first post! Stardoll should be doing something about that. Especially because some little girls maybe are 8 or something and they see that? its disgusting?!
    Great first post thought:)

  13. my name on stardoll is constantine12 on stardoll I decided to play along with one of these things and nt even 10 mintuse have past and the kid asks for my password so I left I also think that hackers are going to start using this against some girls who are stupid enough to give there password I just wanted to share.


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