December 23, 2010

Did you change? Competition Poll:

Hey everyone, here are the Did you Change? Competition contestants. Click HERE to know more about this Competition.

You can vote only 1 of them and remember that you should vote on whose change you like the most from 1st to 3rd picture.

Also, I am truly sorry to Princess__17 but there was no way to fit her pictures to the blog due to their big size, I'm sorry.

You have 8 days left to vote.

Enjoy :)

Contestant 1: sparklewand12

Contestant 2: julia6ta

Contestant 3: Sugar103

Contestant 4: vicki95

Contestant 5: Zoe_Couture

Contestant 6: supperstarvanni

Contestant 7: Moonlight_22

Contestant 8: Elleeae


  1. Yeah I looked at my album and I'm liked I styled my medoll like this! Haha, I voted!

  2. omg some are fake (based on the hair), and yet people still voting them.

    open your eye, people.

    peace :)

  3. @kukipopoi Some do seem "fake".

    Anyways Good luck to everyone!

  4. I made mine for fun from memory, I didn't know it had to be actual images taken from the past.

    You can remove me from the poll if this isn't allowed, as I wouldn't want it to be unfair.

    ~ Zoë xoxo

  5. @ kukipopoi:

    All of them are allowed.

    As some people have no pictures of what they had, they could re-create it.

    @ Zoe:

    They are allowed, there is nothing to worry about.

  6. oh, I wish I'd heard about this sooner (I'm a more recent follower...) I would have entered (: My doll looked horrible when I first started (: lol

  7. I've voted. The reason for my vote is that the doll I picked seems to have improved her looks a loooott!! Is the vote secret? ;D

  8. Wow! Who would've thought we looked so horrible in the beggining? Alot of these MeDolls evolved so good!

    SugarShoez (sugar103)

  9. im sorry for being so harsh and way too judgemental, but i couldnt resist myself. supposely I think first lol

    @zoe, im sorry, it wasnt you im talking about. in fact, i voted for you in this poll actually. youre the one that seems believable in my opinion :)

    again, im sorry


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