December 13, 2010

The Division Between Superstars and Non Superstars

Social classes are economic or cultural arrangements of groups in society.

We all know that our beloved stardoll is a virtual world that imitates real life. In real life, there are people who are rich and poor. In stardoll, we have the superstars (SD royalties included) and the non-superstars.

Whether we like it or not, we can't deny the fact that there are divisions between these two social classes in stardoll. By paying real money, the superstars can have more access to stardoll features than those of non-superstars. Superstars have easy access to the three things stardoll represents: Fame, Fashion and Friends.

Fame: Superstars can advertise their doll, suite, blogs, magazines, scenery etc. by broadcasting. They can create designs without limitations, host their own parties and have their own shops by selling in starbazaar.
The only way non-superstars can advertise themselves is by writing on other people's guestbooks or in the clubs' topics. The problem in that is some users aren't allowing them to advertise and some club owners aren't allowing non-superstars to join in their clubs.

Fashion: Superstars can buy the hottest clothes in starbazaar and in starplaza. The non-superstars only have limited choices and some of these choices aren't good or not fashionable at all.

Friends: If a superstar sent a friend request to us with no message, we might accept it, but if a non superstar requested us with no message a lot of us will ignore or deny it.
Why is this so?

As a non superstar, I have nothing against superstars I understand the fact that stardoll needs money for their employees and they get these money from them. But the thing that i'm pointing out is SOME superstars treat non-superstars as people who are lower than them, but it is stated in the bible that all of us are equal in the eyes of God and we shouldn't judge others by wealth.

Even though i'm a non superstar, I still feel like i'm special because of my stardoll friends. They're always with me no matter what happens and I totally appreciate that! I want others to feel that too, I want them to feel special.

Let us take away the division between non superstars and superstars. By doing this, we can show others the true meanings of christmas.
Equality, God's unfailling Love and Peace

Here are the opinions of random stardoll members about the division between SS and Non SS:

My question:




  1. I think there is a division! Most of SS people believes they are, I don't know, "COOL", "AWESOME" treating others a way they wouldn't like be treated like! It's very annoying to watch SS who doesn't want to reply non-SS or not "famous" stardoll members! I have amazing non-SS friends, and just because they don't pay, you don't have to leave them beside pretending they don't exist! You have a great point of view saying that God is watching us, in this case we're talking about a game which is not important comparing it to other things, but it'll be good from us to open our minds to those non-SS who are writing in our GB waiting for our answer!

  2. I only read half of the stuff you written, but I already agree on the fact that everyone treats Superstars with wealth, even withou a name for themselves better, than they treat Non-Superstars...
    We usually think, oh they are poor and can't afford this, so they must be some really poorly begger people, but to be honest, those people are not.
    There are more important things to compare people to than wealth.

  3. Some non-ss have become famous elites and/or covergirl.
    Most people sign up to stardoll and never log back on again while non-ss CAN get loads of starpoints (I had 2200 before I became ss) and they can make their doll pretty too. ss get more money but their clothes cost three times the amount of non-ss AND you can always use play and earn and spend the 4 stardollers and keep the 5th stardoller.

    Coolgirl185 :)

  4. No matter where you journey to, may it be Dollywood or Europe, there will always be multiple groups of people that believe they reign superior over others.

    We can try our best to treat all equally, but there will always be someone to ruin the union between others.

    What can we do?

    Honestly? Not very much.


    Gossip Girl

  5. Meh, Superstars get what they get.. I mean, I was Superstar, but I haven't paid them since they refused to give me what I paid for (3 freaking months WASTED! They gave me two weeks membership :|)
    But ur
    If your doll is 'naked' and you're literally like, just-became-a-user non-SS, then yeah, people ignore you. :P

  6. I had the same problem Alice! Once I paid for 6months ss and i forget how many stardollars. And I only got the stardollars, no super star! I had to buy the whole thing over again to keep my ss membership (the most important part!)

    If there is a division between the ss and non ss it's created by the users. Take for example, itgonnarain. She has never been ss and she is so acomplished, and has pleantly of friends! I think non ss use being "poor" as an excuse for "not having friends" or fame.

    And yes, there are some ss who talk down to non ss, but frankly I think that puts them lower on my list than non ss.

  7. Yes there really is a division, but a superstar can get easy access with Fame, Fashion... (you can finish it, I'll bet you already know it) Every non-ss can be famous and can even be an elite. But all in all, we all create our division, some ss would underestimate some non-ss, which is sad :(

  8. I believe its crucial to have a class society, mainly because in the world, democracy has taken over, and democratic countries support classes, unlike communists. Of course, I believe there is a balance between the classes, and it should remain so, and yes, even virtually there are classes by which guide youngsters to a world where you either fly and make it, get too scared and never do anything about yourself, or fly and fall flat on your face, and that its quite un-expected, we can't fully know who gets where until that person does it him/herself. All those people who think the classes in the community is not really needed, you would be proven wrong, in the political and economical systems of our countries, classes are created unintentionally, thus the classes are given the moment you are born, by knowing who your parents are, what they own, who they know etc...


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