December 14, 2010

New Year Resolutions

I am certainly ''living in fantasy'' most likely because my Christmas break has finally started and I wont be needing a single book for quite some time now! To all of those whom still are at school or university all I can say is PERSEVERE! It will be worth it when you start holidays!

Now on to the topic:

Usually, on a snowy day in Switzerland at around this time, I would be taking a notepad and a pen, then I start to write my New Year's Resolutions. To all those who dont know what that is, I would most simply define it as a commitment a person makes to stick to his/her plans for the rest of the year, and the joy of it is that you can jot down anything, from losing weight, to donating to charities, or even come in contact with some of your relatives that you have not talked to for a relatively long time!

Since 2011 is just 18 days away, I have started my own list, and to my surprise I have come across until this date some 65 resolutions! Starting off with - in my opinion the most important resolution - donating to charity! I then continued with losing weight, helping out my mother at her work during the summer, and forgiving those who have hurt me all throughout 2010 entitling it ''Forgive and Forget'' which I believe is such a great phrase, because it withholds great meaning and shows that the forgiver has such a big heart, and does not want to waste his/her time hurting over a fight that happened for a few days.

So beloved MDM readers, Have you started with your New Years resolutions? If yes, then can you share some? We would love to hear some of your commitments!

With love,


  1. I love the 'Forgive and Forget' thing- you really have a beautiful personality :) And great post!

  2. 65 Resolutions... I bet it would always be interesting for me to go back to my previous year's resolutions and tick on those that were "DONE", "PENDING" and " be CARRIED OVER" to this year. Hahahaha! Love this post Maggie! :)

  3. Goodluck keep to them all :)
    I love your phrase 'Forgive and Forget' I could never do that to people who had been mean to me or if I did they would carry on being mean and I would forget I wanted to forgive them.

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  5. I love writing New Years Resolutions because of one reason that I usually don''t fulfill them :P But, forgiving and forgetting about something is hard in some cases, but your personality is really great if you can do that :)

    I will be try to be more collected and in my new school find great friends :) I am also thinking strongly about helping others, including my great family.

  6. Very nice post Maggie. Hm..I am still thinking, there are still many resolutions which I have still yet to do...

  7. This is great post. It got me thinking. It's about time I start on my New Years Resolution.


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