December 12, 2010

To My Supposed Hacker: So Near Yet So Far


2 PM Manila time. December 11, 2010.

Being trapped between the stages of awake and slumber, I grogilly clicked on that Dollmail icon at the top of my Stardoll homepage.

I got a few messages from Lolita, Maggie and Chad... (no Tyra Mail in there) and a familiar one with the yellow star icon.  

Stardoll Mail.

Stardoll messages are always a priority for me (who knows, maybe they'd have another refill-with-more-stardollars-and-get-50%-for-free campaign going on again).
Anyway, here's the message I got:

*click to view full size*

"Great. More freebies. So much for encouraging chain mails." I thought.
... but I was in for a BIG surprise.

Clicking the To the club! hyperlink took me here:

*click to view full size*

A bogus club. Now I'm awake. And pissed.

I just brushed the whole thing off and went about answering tons of Lolita's mesages (hahaha!). As I was staring at the endless queue of broadcasts a few minutes after, I thought of that Stardoll-mail-about-a-bogus-club  again and went to read it for the second time.

Right that very moment, a sick feeling got over me and I checked my email (the real one that real people use) linked to my Stardoll account. 

And I was in for the real shocker.

Click on the image.

Read it?

Click on it again. Read it carefully this time.


Someone did try to change my password.

...Whoever that person is, he or she succeeded alright. 
But only up to that part.  


That's noelle's password over there. Right on the hand of that doll.

So near yet so far... right?


Now, what am I trying to say here?

What I am trying to say to all of you is that NOBODY can hack your account unless you explicitly provide your password to them.

You will be notified on and for all attempts to change your account settings, your password in particular, through the email linked to your Stardoll account.

Granted, that you are stupid enough to give your password out to someone you don't really know outside of this world of pixels, It is always advisable to have different sets of password for your email and Stardoll account.


Because even an attempt to change the email address linked to your Stardoll account would have to be confirmed through your old email.

Simply put, is not stupid.

But some of us can be.

Having said that, I just have a few questions left for you guys to speculate on.

Were you able to receive that same message that I got?

Was there a connection between that letter I received and the attempt to take over my account?

Or was it all just coincidence?

I hope so.

I really hope so.

P.S. Where is Isabella?


  1. Holy shit, I have received a ton of those Stardoll messages about the club thing. I was annoyed by them all and didn't click on a single one. I did however think it was strange for Stardoll to send a retarded message like that.

    Terribly sorry for your unfortunate circumstance.

  2. I also received those kind of messages..... I tought it was extremely important because it has OMG on it! but I was wrong...

  3. @Aisy

    I don't think it was stardoll that sent it. I think someone hacked into the stardoll system, especially because of the attempt to hack into the account that occurred right after.

    Good thing stardoll security is smart, otherwise half of the important stardoll members would probably be hacked already! :/

  4. The club does exist in the uk, it's called Fred_the_movie and you get a free dog by sending that message 5 times

  5. I don't understand what you're trying to say at all.

  6. I got several messages to change my pasword, all in different languages. How lame of whoever was trying that.

  7. It has actually never happened to me but I understand what you mean, some people are so daft!! Why do they even bother trying to hack people, what use is it and why would anyone want to? They just need to grow up!!!
    P.S I really love this blog =]

  8. Holy Crap! I have received a ton of those Stardoll messages about the club thing too...I think it was the Italian Mafia! Mant__* has been hacked too. She was for mor than 1 Week not online!

  9. The club is only available for people in the UK, i've got lots of them, they're really annoying!

  10. I got one of those messages too,I think its just a mistake.
    The club is only for certain people in certain countries which is why you couldn't access the club

  11. Someone is really out to get you eh? :)

  12. Actually, the club is only available to one country. It's not fake.

  13. Vote me 5/5 ★★★★★, please


  14. Vote me 5/5 ★★★★★, please


  15. Vote me 5/5 ★★★★★, please


  16. I didn't know about the club message... but I have received many times the mail about changing my password... That's why I used the change it very often... :S

  17. I got one of them club messages!
    Oh god, I'm gonna go check my email

  18. I've received tons of messages like these ones... :| ...and surveys sent by stardoll' for me don't work :S

  19. WOW! That is just freaky! Well good job stardoll! I guess you made something food!

    I dont think that stardoll sent that club message, someone must have hacked into it!

  20. I was astounded to receive a similar message a few weeks ago as the manner the message was written in isn't the typical form Stardoll writes as , it's usually a lot more formal however I didn't really waste my time clicking on the link provided...lucky escape?

  21. I have got about a MILLION of those Fred The Movie messages I was so.... ANNOYED!
    And yes that password thing has happened to me a few times but that was me doing it, but I have just looked inside my inbox and there's all types of them in different languages including CHINESE even though everyone knows I hate that language! That hacker of MINE is porbably an Italian Mafia you know... the newish hackers...
    You should use a case-sensitive password. I have a new C-S password but my old C-S one used to be:
    It was pretty good! But it was too much 4 me to type so It's changed now so don't get your hopes high, hackers, im non-superstar.

  22. The club is l, but in some countries it's not available. The club and the e-mail are not related.


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