December 23, 2010

Favorite Group of Pixels

Each of us have wants.
As a stardoll member, we want to have some rare clothes in our wardrobe.
Our wardrobe can be filled of many fashionable items but we have to admit it, that we're still wanting more.

My favorite dress in stardoll is the DKNY Scuba dress:

I'm a big fan of DKNY and this dress looks so adorable and describes my attitude and who I am.
The dress is one of the most wanted items in stardoll, because it's a part of the 1st season DKNY.
I totally want this dress for christmas!

How about you?
What's your favorite stardoll piece of clothing or should I say chunk of pixels?
I'l be waiting for your answers!


  1. Wow! This is the scuba dress everyone is always talking about? I've never seen it before, I've only heard of it.
    I thought it was better looking than this...
    But if you want it, I really hope you get it and have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Noelle & Isabella, this is trash. If this girl isn't social climbing and trying to be elite, she writes trash. She is the odd one out in this group. Maybe you want to take her guestwriting over and done with? This is sad.

  3. I love the scuba aswell, I got it on October 16th 2010 for 16 stardollars. No trade or anything, I was just looking for dkny in the starbazaar, and there it was!

  4. you only want it because everyone else does. Its so ugly I've had it before. Skyskraper is so much better

  5. I like scuba too, it was one of my 1st rares and I got it long time ago for 41 stardollars. But my favorite item is my black fallen silk dress, it is really unique

  6. Scuba is very pretty. :) Pleasant post to read! Now I'm looking and the comments wishing I had their scuba xD

  7. Thos girls who have the scuba: You guys are so lucky!
    To those who made an effort to read and comment on my post: THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!
    To my HATER: thank you for reading....... YOU WONT HURT ME! HAHA :P

  8. your a bitch and fail at writing and life!

  9. I lost mine, as well as many others when my account got hacked.

    You can just imagine how I felt, bahaha... *Cries*

    ~ Zoë xoxo

  10. @zoe i'm so sorry for you :( btw welcome to the MDM family!

  11. Luckily I bought mine some weeks ago of Isabella, for exactly 2222 Stardollers.

    I am so loving it and it is worth this Stardollers in my eyes!

    @GossiGirl4real: I am truely enjoying reading your posts here at MDM.

  12. My favourite piece of clothing/chunk of pixels is the Elle Modern Moto Jacket ; I wasn't SS when we still had Elle, I could not buy it, then I was searching for it for ages, but everyone sold it for like 140-200 stardollars, but then I found out my friend had it and she sold it to me for 10 stardollars :D

  13. @princess_17 thank you!
    @Buggyman321 yurr so blessed!

  14. Well...wat Im really looking for atm is that gorgeous hotbuys hat, it is just soo stunning,I just wish that people would stop selling them for sooo much!! If anyone has one for a cheap price like 15sd or something please let me know! My username is Princess-Nayz:) thankyou soo much, just leave me a gb comment and I will get back to u ASAP!!


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