December 11, 2010

A Fight for a Cause

 Thankfully, the racism against black people and other minority races are fading away as people realize how wrong racism is.  However, there are still a lot of gays/lesbians that are criticized for who they are. And that isn't right. People say that these people have a choice and they 'made the wrong one' but that is completely untrue. In fact, there are scientific articles about how it is the way the brain is wired. So to insult these people because of who they are? It's horrible. It's just as bad as racism. 

That is why fellow JuciiMami827 is stepping up and showing the world of stardoll that discrimination of different people is not right. Stardoll's Official NOH8 Organization will be sending out a message. 

They are currently looking for a dedicated staff that will help support this cause. The different kind of skills required range from writing to graphics to people that will spread the word about this organization. They are also looking for sponsors.

NOH8's current categories are:
-Addressing Racial Discrimination
-Addressing Discrimination of Gays/Lesbians
-Addressing Discrimination of Superstar/Nonsuperstar


  1. "People say that God is perfect. And that he created man in his own likeness. If God is perfect, it follows that he doesn't commit any mistake. Then maybe... just maybe, God created our gay brothers and sisters the way he wants them to be. The way he intended all of us to be."

    MDM will sponsor this movement.

    Who should we get in touch with?

  2. Get in touch with JuciiMami827 via her guestbook. She's the founder. She would love if MDM sponsored this movement!

  3. Just did. This is something more worthwile than Hot Buys, LEs and hackers. Finally. :)

  4. Discrimination is absolutely horrible. I will definitely support this!

  5. Could you please STOP advertising your friends?

    1st: EE/AislinVictory
    2nd: Juciibella


    From the other side I have to say the NOH8 seems very interesting. Let's hope it will go good.

  6. This NOH8 campaign seems to be a good idea :).

  7. That can actually be copyright infringement. be careful.

  8. @Anonymous: You have a point... The idea should be taken then. But definitely not the title. Thanks for that! :)

  9. @ Anon: On one hand. On the other hand, I don't think that the real NOH8 Organization would mind if there was a sd unofficial version of it because they aren't out there to make money, they are out there fighting for a cause. So, they would probably be happy to see that other people are spreading the world about this organization. It is, after all, kinda like an advertisement for the official NOH8, eh?

  10. i have a good idea, contact the noh8 people n they might publicise it


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