December 11, 2010

Poser tries her hand at interior design?!

It is quite suprising to see how far some people will go just to annoy the ones that they dislike. This week I kept on recieving numerous messages in my guestbook telling me that I am "stinky" or that I "have been fired from MDM".
Quite amusing, yes.

All these messages were from the posers.
I guess the green eyed monster must have got the better of them, or maybe it was all down to getting less desirable genes.

Anyway, I decided to pay them a visit...


It seems that Mangaloversam (the maniac who created all these accounts) has tried her dab hand at interior design! Should I be impressed?
Infact quite shocked.

*click to enlarge*

Mangaloversam has made herself into an animal murder who gets thrills from severing animals with scissors, not mention ironing wrinkly dogs. This crazy girl wields a dangerous ruler too, though stupidly all in front of a shiny window. Someone ought to call PETA soon.

The posing Noelle has moved to a fantasy land with her snowmen slaves as it seems, all happy and smiling. Standing on a pile of ice, or a "podium" as mangaloversam calls it, showing true dominace over her snowmen.
How creative.

Lolita? An explicitly created dog of some comment. This was the dog that clearly needed surgery. Gosh.This room made me cringe so much, I had to leave as soon as I took that screenshot. How awful. Mangaloversam, your a sicko!
Is the dog's condition a blessing or a curse?

The red-haired psychopath put me in a room of girls doing..interesting things.

Finally, she protrayed Isabella as a polka-dot-stocking-wearing pole dancer. The theme seems to be quite...unappropiate. I mean, HOW could you put polka-dot socks on Isabella?
Shame on you.
I really do not know what to say now.

Thank you for making you knock-offs of us hun. It was greatly apprectiated, we love some humour around here and you have made my day. You must know that you make us roar with laughter.

No, your jokes aren't funny as such. You are!

(Most comments were sarcastic if you could not tell that my humor is quite dry as most cannot)


  1. HAHAHAHA! OMG Jenny! This post just made my day... and tomorrow's even. :P

  2. What the heck! that's just sick...... and funny! LOL

  3. haha thanks Noelle. I find this poor girl quite amusing.

  4. Haha the posers are sick pervs

  5. LMFAO, wat an idiot, that is soooo stupid but it is actually really funny =] I dont even understand that crazy girl !! heheh this is funny ( smiles )


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