December 08, 2010

Haters Can't Hurt us!

In stardoll, there are a lot of good people you can meet around the world, but if there's good there's also bad.
When I created my account last month, the first thing I did is I socialized with other people. I talked to those who are famous in stardoll. I did that not to seek fame but to make new friends and know the background of these socialites.
After a few days, someone with a username of mangaloversam wrote this in my guestbook:
I was shocked when I saw this message but surprisingly, instead of being hurt I felt nothing. Maybe I felt nothing because I know that what she said isn't true. I told her to leave me alone and stop wasting her time being mean to people.
But this girl still didn't give up and continues to annoy me with her messages.
And after MDM introduced me as one of the guest writers, she wrote something in my guestbook again.
I can say that she's only wasting her time by leaving me these messages because they're not true.
I am completely possitive that the one who has a problem is her and not me!
This girl is trying to ruin the MDM family by creating poser accounts and writing hurtful comments on the guestbooks of other people.

I therefore conclude that once you're on the right path and ready to climb that ladder some people will try to bring you down. Just like what happened to Lolita(her first post here was criticized by another blog.)

Like Lolita, I will choose to always be positive and continue what i'm doing. No matter how many haters I have, they can't hurt me or bring me down, because they cannot make something out of me that i'm not.

More to come your way...


  1. There always will be people like that in stardoll, and we'll neva be able to do something against.

  2. God.. I think she cant spell... she wrote stupid stupUd!!

    Poor you, shes just jealous of you!!

  3. @ladygagamcqueen yeah, I think so too... people like that are so annoying! stardoll doesn't need them!
    @Pallie.25 Yurr right! she can't spell! and maybe she is jealous of me :D thank you!

  4. Can I just say: Haters make you famous! haha


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