December 09, 2010

Anonymous Entertainer on the Rise--And May Be Someone We All Know?

Unless you have been in hibernation for the past few days, I'm sure you've heard of the latest anonymous entertainer on stardoll, ElitesExposed. This is no ordinary attention seeker. She has conjured up some sort of 'Elite List' that she will talk about throughout until Christmas comes.

Of course, I brushed her off as an amusing joke...but take a look at her writing:

Unfortunately, she had to target fellow MDM writer BubblyMinty, and the theme of her post is ridiculous. I mean, how can that girl be on the 'Naughty' list, as 'EE' puts it?

Better yet, elites like Brit-On-Me are starting to socialize with her.

Now, this is all well and good, but what I am starting to think is that this 'EE' is someone that we all know. Quite possibly, he/she is one of the people on the list. And his/her prestigious writing style seems a bit familiar, eh?

Any guesses on who he/she is?

Update: EE Has revealed herself. It's an amazing person that is becoming quite famous on stardoll, none other than AislinVictory.


  1. I think that the EliteExposed person is you or someone you know and you are trying to help him/her because it ain't the 1st time you post about him/her.

    Maybe I am wrong and I hope so but this is my current impression/opinion on this "issue".

  2. No, it's actually not. I'm as clueless on who it is as you are!

  3. I'm so jealous of this new entertainer. Her idea is something fresh and different. I could care less of the identity of this person. I'm just glad someone other than me is thinking outside the box and bringing some excitement into our Dollywood world!

  4. She writes really really well though. Not just bashing, substantial or not... She knows how to write. I'm next on her list...

  5. EE is so entertaining! I really am looking forward for her works

  6. I think that they write fabulously well, I love the idea and the style of the writing. I think that he/she is a very exciting person :)

  7. I agree with Bubblyminty, but I have no clue who this might be.

  8. Sorry to break it on you guys but I don't think it's Brit-on-Me because:

    1.His english is total C-R-A-P. Try talk to him and you'll be...

    2.Have you even seen a piece written by him? GO CHECK "DING DING"

    3. It's Isabella, I know it. Only she could speak in such a luxurious way with all types of vocabulary, so PERFECT. Or if it's not her, it's definetely someone from MDM (Noelle-alwsome writer as well or BubblyMinty) because anyone would have minded that BubblyMinty is a compilation between Isabella and Noelle's face and that she redone all her suite and style to look alike. The only reason Isabella and Noelle chose her it's because they have way to much vanity and they only take their reflection as beautiful. I'm sorry for the little girl though, be plain and just a mirror for someone, no identity, just for fame. Even her writing is an amazingly copying the fab , real, 100% themselves Isabella&Noelle

  9. Of course It wasn't me, my english is really bad, but im not here to have classes, I have'em at real life, Im here to have friends, and you can understand me so I don't care

  10. @Anonymous: Let me just follow your trail of thought and logic...

    If someone who writes impeccably well and has a good grasp of the English language comes up, then it can just be Isabella, Jenny or myself.

    WOW. That's a very very intelligent conclusion. B-R-A-V-O.

    But at least, based on your posts all over this blog, you definitely are NOT one of us.

    Point taken.

  11. I dont really understand....r u trying to identify who EE is?? Sorry but I have no idea wand no knowledge of what and who it could be =] soz! Xx

  12. I knew I was right to put her on my heart list-Guess Who?


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