December 27, 2010

Nicki (tapstar321) and Stacy's (GossipGirl4real) Official Welcome!


It's official!

Nicki (tapstar321) and Stacy (GossipGirl4real) are now regular MDM writers!

... and they have all of you to thank for. :)

As dictated by MDM tradition, here is Nicki's Portrait and Official MDM Banner:

Continue to support Nicki through her column,  The Rambles of Nicole Jones.

Of course, Stacy's portrait:

...and her official Banner for her column Stacy Luane's Fearless Notes.

We at MDM have been receiving a lot of inquiries for vacant positions in the blog. 

Because we are listening to you our loyal followers, we decided to open up more positions in this blog!

In the right side panel of your screens, you will see this icon:

Once you click on that, you will be taken to a page where you will have to fill up an application form.

Be sure to fill out the form completely! :)

Good luck!

Speaking of new writers, one more fellow will be joining us soon.

Will you be able to guess who this is?


  1. Yayyyyyy! Congrats :D The graphics are all so beautiful! Well deserved

  2. I have a question: what does promotion staff do?

  3. Welcome to the MDM family! I will definitely be signing up(: hmm, not sure cant wait to find out though!

  4. I'm so happy they are part of the team. I've been enjoying their posts. Plus the portraits are gorgeous.

    And I'm going to be signing up. I'd be so honored to write for this blog. I love how everyone is basically family.

    P.S. Is the new writer going to be John2_el_mejor?

  5. Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm so loving the banner and portrait! I love my MDM family!

  6. @ Liajm

    That means you will be promoting MDM around Stardoll.

  7. Yes I am signing up!! and CONGRATZ!! Is the new writer tylerisbold?

  8. Aww!!! I am so happy for you all!! I hope I have the same luck!!

  9. Is the new writer Madworld or Tylerisbold???Oh P.S Congrats Im Deffo Signing Up!!

    I love their portraits and banners♥

    I have an idea of who the new writer might be. But I'm not sure...

    I have applied, I'm so nervous right now.
    Good luck everyone who applied :)

  11. Congrats girls!

    Awsome banners and portraits!

    I'm sooo applying to be part of the staff! It's great that you give us all a chance.

  12. I think that the next boy that will join MDM staff will be MadWorld! :)

  13. Well deserved and beautiful portraits and banners! I am definitely applying to become a part of this wonderful family :) Is the new writer Nojarama?

  14. Welcome girls!!

    I love the portraits, especially Stacey's. She looks like a Cali girl, hahaha :)

    ~ Zoë xoxo

  15. @Zoe yeah! that's what's on my mind too! I love it so much!

  16. MadWorld will be the next writer ...

  17. how can i be one staff of this blog,,
    contact with me iam romela1998


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