December 29, 2010

Stardoll's Christmas Gifts?

                      This Christmas, I received a lot of presents. Some of these gifts are nice and some are...... not.

Stardoll's gifts to us this Christmas aren't good either. Stardoll gave us a free sequin crop pants, a clutch and a free blue Christmas tree.

It's a little disappointing that stardoll gave us these items. Christmas is the season when us, members, expect some bigger gifts! Last couple of years, we received stardollars, much better Christmas trees and more, and now they're going to give us these?

To make this situation worse I noticed something familiar in the suite shop, yesterday.
I saw these 2 Christmas trees....
I got it! these are the 2 Christmas trees we can get FOR FREE, last year! and now, stardoll's selling them in our suite shops. I don't know why they put these up for sale, but I do know that this is unfair. Don't you think so too? Let's just hope stardoll's going to give us something special for New Year, remember the DKNY Tank Dress?

Tell me what you think about stardoll's Christmas gfts this year.....
I'll be waiting
GossipGirl4Real a.k.a. Stacy Luane


  1. I still have that dress :)
    And I got the gold tree for free.

    But it wasn't that green tree they gave it was another one that looked really bad.

    And I really hope they give us 25sd like last year :(

  2. i hope they give us a new years present at least. i wasn't a part of stardoll last year but those presents sound great compared to this years. really disappointing. i was actually looking forward to a present from stardoll. but what can we expect from them, disappointing us with these gestures from time to time again...

  3. @anonymous you're right they are getting more and more disappointing as time goes by. Did they even gave u a free item this new year?

  4. gawd stacey, seriously I don't know why the fuck you got hired. first of all you can't even write good articles, it's all about freebies, stupid rants or advertising your shit self. Your grammar along with your writing style is shit. Trying to become elite by befriending the elite? Newflash! You are not elite and never will be, that's a damn fact. That is not your main acc...if you have only been a member for a fe months then how did you know about elites so quickly and how did you know about all the previous free items stardoll gave to us?! YOUR JUST A SHIT WELITE! THAT STANDS FOR WANNABE ELITE, YOUR NOT ONE IDIOT!


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