December 30, 2010

New Year Resolutions

In a matter of days, the new year will begin. Although festive, it's also a time to  get a fresh start. Well, with yourself, at least.

I've been thinking a lot lately about New Years Resolutions. There are some that are actually quite bothersome, but in the end they will make life easier/more amusing.

Here are a few of mine:

1) Don't take twice as many projects as you can handle.
Been there, done that.

2) Do make sure to stay more on task and put more work into Forever Chic Magazine.
I give my staff too much work.

3) Be open to opportunities to make new friends, don't shut people out.
Even if they are no-one. Lots of undiscovered talent out there ;)

4) Erase your addiction to stardoll!
A small obsession will still be permitted...

I am still working on my New Year Resolutions list, it's not even near to completion.

When making the list, don't add too much. You want to make it something you can stick to!

What's your list? I'm curious ;) Give everyone some inspiration. We all need a little ;)


  1. Improve my Modeling skills.
    Don't start with too many competition,better focus on 1 or 2 and be good at those.
    Spend more time with my family,less online (not gonna happen :S )
    Be more active with my blog: :P
    Do some graphics,be good at making them xD

    My list is focused on Stardoll.
    It will be much bigger by the end of this year xP I just need to think some more.

  2. 1.) Be more confident in myself and everything I do.

    2.) Stop procrastinating.
    It does no good for me and I always end up stressed.

    3.) Write on my personal blog more often.

  3. Well, my Stardoll resolutions so far are:

    To make The Stardoll Fashion Awards a successful Awards Show

    To start designing on Star Design

    To work harder on my Stardoll Modelling Career

    To get involved in more projects

    Perhaps open my own Magazine

    etc, etc :)


  4. Mine are:
    1. Show the real me and be edgier.
    2. Work hard for the blogs and projects i'm in
    3. make new friends
    4. Be more confident

  5. To study more and not leave my school work to the last day.

    To more more open with my feeling and spread my opinions but not in a hostile manner.

    To be WAY more confident and not care what others think.

    And maby not be as obsessed with stardoll -if that's possible :P -

  6. 1. Continue my A streak at my new school
    2. Make good friends
    3. Be happier
    4. Stop wasting money on things that arent "necessary"
    5. Become a superstar somehow D:



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