December 06, 2010

The Week is here

Yes another week is here, but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the funniest and most fashion week on stardoll. Yes, yes Stardoll 2nd Fashion Week. You all know what I am talking about or have you been under a rock?
I’m sure you all remember the Breath taking and winner of almost every category Ostentatious from Alice.

What about the fresh and daring collection from the graphics sweet-heart Lilly Rose herself.

I just hope this time everything goes “by the book”. Has it didn’t go last time. Becka I believe is doing everything she cans to call this next stardoll fashion week “Perfect”. Perfect reminds me of my collection Perfection presented on sfw made by me and Lily Rose.

Another thing, I am quite sad I didn’t get my FAKE me. I hope I will get one too. I am just kidding :P I just hope all this Mafia and FAKE dolls will disappear soon.


  1. The Graphics are amazing! Great Fashionweek! I hope too you're not a victim of the Mafia or Doppelgänger!

  2. Alice is known for her amazingly made graphics. I felt in love with this shoes. Wish we had them for our own dollies.


  3. I love the first pic. Look at these muscles, bones, tendons - they are really made good.


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