December 06, 2010

Whatever the hell next?

Yesterday we were pestered by posers (as posted by Noelle). Yes, they were infact quite comical and pathetic, if not just a a little annoying too.

I find it very lame that people will go as far as this just too annoy random people virtually.

Today when I logged into Stardoll, I found another problem. As posted by a stardoll user, I am soon to get hacked. Yes, Really?

Here is a pic, the supposed hacker and the victim. I don't know whether this was true or not so I decided to look at some other Stardoll blogs.

They are known as the "Italian Mafia". Gosh. They sound scary. *Rolls eyes*

All the info seems to quite vague at the moment about this hacking spree. The "hackers" have even went far enough to make a "hacking list". Quite a few well-known people are featured on it, such as our Lolita.
Even Callie from Stardoll vistited
one of the "Italian Mafia's" pages. Seriously.

I couldn't help but notice that none of the well-known people haven't been hacked yet. I am guessing that this is just an attention-seeking plot.

Or am I too skeptical?


  1. I don't know what to believe.

    I'm hoping, for those on the list's sake, that it's all a hoax.

    I guess, we'll just have to wait and see.

    ~ Zoë

  2. Sounds like bullshit to me. If they were true hackers and were making such a big comotion. Stardoll would have dealt with them already.

    That's just what I think.
    And if they are real...well we're all f*cked!


    It is best as well to set up a different password for your Stardoll and the email linked to it.

  4. But vpurple said she was hacked :S and vpurple is on The Elite and all those things...

  5. DimisG09 wrote in several guestbook's, I quote: "You're the next :*"

    So I guess he's a part of the so called "Italian Mafia"

    Yesterday I received a guestbook entry of Italian-Mafia11 that I'll be the next, just because this doll always wanted my hairstyle. HAHA. Amusing.

    But I have to say, I was pretty scared.

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  7. @Princess__17 The doll has been deleted!

    I mean, a 'Stardoll Mafia' is just like shit in RL. Wow,I'm scared of a Virtual Gang. They just want attention. If you are careful,they cant find out your password!

  8. ifit could be helpful for you I sent a letter to the staff and this it's what they wrote to me:

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Italian Mafia and company are nothing more than accounts that want to scare other accounts. Continues to signal us and we will eliminate them, but you have nothing to fear if she does not give your password and you do not replace your email address with other promising Stadollars seeker free refills and superstar. Continues to play quiet and contact us whenever you feel worried.

    Thank you for choosing Stardoll!
    Stardoll Staff

    i think that this isn't a HOAX , by the way that 4of friends of mine were deleted.

    Afraid , Grety


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