January 05, 2011

4 Geisha Lips Tutorials

Lately I have been looking around stardoll and seeing a re-occurring pattern: Geisha Lips. In the past few months this has been a big trend here on stardoll. I, personally, obsess over this look. Here are a few of my Geisha looks that I have worn on my medoll:

"Ice Baby"

"Lady in Red"

"Cranberry Geisha"

I started going to members with extraordinary medolls, and started experimenting with makeup, leading to four tutorials on different Geisha lip looks!

First, I'll start off with a feminine, very pink Geisha look.
Model used for this look is Looc123.

First, start off with a hot pink lipstick. Make sure to shape it so that it is particularly small. Leave the outer 1/4s of each side unmarked.

Add some gloss.

Use skin toned lipstick on the unmarked lips to make the Geisha lips look naturally of this shape.

Add some peachy blush.

Experiment with warm colors that go with the look. Here I used a dark cranberry and bright orange.

Use white eyeliner on the waterline.

Add a hot pink eyeliner to the rest of the eye. Leave the innermost part of the eye unmarked.

Add mascara to make the eyes stand out.

Play around with accessories or keep the look as it is. Here I added a hot buys headband to finish the look.

Here I will show you how to get this bombshell sophisticated. look:
I am using the beautiful Wooldoor as a model.

Start out by taking a skin toned lipstick and adding it to the outer lips.

Take a bland shade of medium purple and apply to the lips.

Take white eyeshadow and apply to inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone.

Take a brown blush. Make sure its dark and adds a dramatic affect to the look.

For eyeshadow, try blacks, browns, and purples. Mix them together and play around. Finally, I added glitter to finish the look.

Now I will show you the most popular Geisha Lip on stardoll, the tropical-colored one. Bright yellows or oranges really make your medoll stand out, although they have been used quite a lot in the past couple of months.

Model used is Coconut_nicole

First thickly layer on the bright lipstick. Add as many layers as necessary.

Optional Step: Add some gloss.

Use a subtle cheek color for this one, and use it more to contour the face rather than to be used as a blush.

Add an eyeshadow that matches the lipstick to the eyes.

Follow in with a lighter version of the color.

Add a subtle off-white to the inner corners of the eyes.

Using eyeliners in the same colors as the eyeshadows, outline the eyes.

Add some black liquid liner. Just a little bit is enough to really define the eyes.

Use lengthening mascara. Make sure not to use the Volume Boost mascara because it can make the bright eyeliner colors stand out much less.

Add any accessories you would like. You want a creme blond dye for your hair for this look, although if using long hair, a bright white would work as well. Here I have her with teardrop eye accessories to make the look more interesting.

Lastly, I will show you how to get an edgy, modern Geisha Lips look.
Model used is JuciiMami827.

To achieve this look, make sure to start out with this style of hair and these lips.

First, apply the lipstick in the size you want it to be. Make sure that it is even and isn't to big nor too small.

To highlight this look and set it apart from the other lips, add some gloss.

Now start on the eyes. You want them to match the deep purple lipstick but keep attention on the lips. Add a layer of the deep purple eyeshadow.

Highlight the inner corners of the eyes, but make sure to keep it subtle.

Add the blush. With Gillian's skin tone, this color really adds a beautiful, rich hue into the look. With lighter skin, try a light brown and with darker skin, try a deeper darker brown. Also, add mascara.

Add any final touches to the makeup as you see fit.

With this particular makeup, make sure to dye your hair black.

Lastly, add some glitter and accessories that match your style to give this look that extra pop
Here I have Gillian wearing black hoop earrings and some glitter on her eyelids.

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials on this alluring yet sophisticated look. 

Opinions? Comments? If you try it, tinypic it and comment with the look you made! 


  1. Gorgeous and amazing tutorials. I love the Icy Blue look you showed us at the beginning, of your medoll. I also really loved the orange-ish Geisha look and the Geisha look featuring Gillian. You did a great job Nicole.

  2. Loving the tutorials, definatly going to try these looks out!

  3. Nice!! I never manage to do these lips proper :P

  4. I definitely love the first one!!
    And the others are amazing too xD

  5. Geisha lips are super fashionable!

  6. nice, but way too long, you could have done 2 by 2

  7. I'd try one of those looks one of these days. haha! :)

    The first doll i saw with this do which is awesome btw) was N1mka.

  8. Love the look! Definitely something that would look good on any medoll! I like how you made them all different colours and shapes of the lips, and didn't stick to one colour or one lip. Amazing! Will definitely try this look out, but maybe not on myself...


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