January 05, 2011

Limited Edition

First off, Hey Everyone!  I am Gillian. I enjoy writing, shopping, and sleeping ^_^
This opportunity to tell my point of view and show situations to you means so much to me, and I hope all of you are satisfied with your dose of my words every time you read my posts.

So, Limited Edition? What is really the Big Deal about it?
Why are stardollians basically taking real money and specifically buying stardollers for it when it come out?
Why is it SUCH a big deal if you have the oldest season?
The truth is we are guilty. GUILTY of falling for Stardoll's easy Cash Cow.
Even after I finish this post, I know I will commit this stupidity again.
Limited Edition Basically Is A Limited Supply of Certain Items of Clothing that sell for ridiculous amounts of dough. Whenever we see that we can have something that only 349 other people out of the almost 90,000,000 will aquire the pleasure of having, we want it- no matter if its overpriced. It is an "achievement" to own LE. I own LE, haha; it is another item in my closet, the only difference is that it is put out for display. Do you know why? Because LE is looked at as a huge deal on stardoll.
Okay, let me flip the script. What if every LE item lost its LE name? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD FREAK? How many complaints would be emailed to Stardoll? How many pissed fashionistas would be ranting about it to their virtual best friends?
Something that was once 150sd is now 15sd!

The LE name adds value x10!!

So many of you bought this:

But Tell Me,

Would You Buy This For the Same Price?:

Spending Oodles and Oodles of Cash for an item you don't really like: Just Because of Its Name.


Its the Same with HB and Antidote. I was an HB collecter, and I bought Dresses for 50, 60, 70sd if it was old, because it was HB, not particularly because I loved them (most I did really like though)
I have the 06' or 07' (not sure) HB Red Jeans that I bought for I think over 70sd, never worn them, never going to wear them, it is just part of my collection.

Then you have DKNY and Inspired Collectors- Its absolutely crazy, and Stardoll has done great financially because of our society- that WE the people carried out. The Stardoll Staff just started the buzz.
There are LE accessories and dresses that are BUTT UGLY, but people buy them, and ohhh they sell out quick. We are so pathetic :) You gotta love us.

Its sad to think that even after this post, these things will be carried out still. Its sad to think MYSELF will be one of those people carrying it out... Just a thought.


  1. I agree, it seems that people know how ridiculous it is to spend so much on one item. But we are blind to the price as soon as we see the two letters 'L' and 'E'

    Not everyone, but most people. Especially collectors.

  2. How disappointing of you Gillian, your first post and you blow it with an incessant rant of yours.

    I expected much more of you really! I think that you are fabulous! Step up your work please...good luck.

  3. Haha I find that funny :) You really sound like a person I know but my mouth is shut. I posted what I felt I wanted to be heard- and I am definitely not sorry for it. Whether I have luck or not, I am happy ^_^

  4. Omg.This is totally true!!
    I seriously wouldn't buy the t-shirt when it's "Archive" writter on it,it looks-yawn.But,when's the LE sign..that's a different story.Maybe we are all just shallow about that. (But,I won't buy that shirt anyway,cause I don't like it) xD

    I was collection that DKNY (I don't have a lot from it) and it's very ugly,but I spent a lot of money on it!

    How many members spent...ohh.you can buy yourself a real CLOTHES with that money.

    I knew that,but I just didn't want to admit that to myself.You just enlightened,thank you!I really needed that someone write about something like this.

    Omg,lol.In first when I started to read this post,I though they put a LE IN ARCHIVE!!
    I'm not crazy,just maybe tired cause it's late xD

  5. This is something to reflect on... And i have to plead Guilty as accused.

  6. Well I am guilty that I try to buy at least 1 iteam from each collection of LE. However I only buy LE that I like a LOT. So maybe not 100sd a lot, but still something close to that (:

  7. This post actually was an eye-opener. But I don't think I want to stop... or can actually ;)

  8. its same with mka, just because of label people are willing to spend lots of real money on it, thanks God I got over it, and over that Stardoll obsession finally, I thought it would never cease. Now after I sold my account full of real rares and collector items, I'm living peacefully on my other account, and I am never again playing real money for virtual clothes ;)

  9. Yeah, the "LE" logo itself adds tons of value but the only reason I personally buy LE is because it looks more high quality than most other clothes that Stardoll are creating now-a-days.

    Good post though Gillian.

  10. But yeah, when you buy LE from the starplaza, you seem to have a feeling of joy and proudness, you know what I mean? :P

  11. Yeah, I agree, but its a big pleasure to own rares and old pieces from old seasons... it makes ur suit and closet special, and I would never sell or trade any of them for thousands of stardollars or for real money :)

    I also think that we all need to have some measure about how many money do we spent on stardoll.... I think its not necessary to spent 50 dollars on buying a whole LE season.. as in real life, we can't get all that we want!!


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