January 17, 2011

Are you LV enough?

So recently I was going through MDM's previous posts, and I noticed that a lot of the posts were related to Louis Vuitton, and even when the post has nothing to do with Louis Vuitton it ends up getting mentioned somewhere in the text. So I wondered, since Louis Vuttion has such a long history (which until recently was used in the She says, She says banner) with Louis Vuttion then why not make it fun and interesting in an innovative competition?

So basically below are three snapshots of the Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2011 collection, in each snapshot you will find two outfits, which makes a total of six outfits all together. Your challenge is to re-create ONE of these outfits in GRAPHICS form!

So this competition is specifically made for graphics designers (dont worry, there will be much more competitions non-graphic related in the near future) and you will need to do the following:
- Recreate ONE out of the SIX outfits presented below
- You need to make the model look like a model, which means including hair etc...
- You MAY and MAY NOT include makeup and/or jewelry, but including them gets you extra points in judging.
- After you create the outfit and are positively sure about your outfit you need to save it in PNG form, upload it on tinypic and post the link in the comments section of this post

You will have until the 25th of January to complete your look!

The top three looks the judges and I love the most will receive 200 stardollars each, and their graphic will be uploaded here on MDM, TSD and Editorialized!

Good luck,
With love,


  1. I love the idea! I'm sure this is going to be good. :)

  2. Sounds exciting!
    I cannot, cannot wait to see what happens!

    Remember when Stardoll China got LV bags? I was SO depressed they did not release it for everybody else!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the entries!

  4. Great competition! I was also looking at previous MDM pats and I also noticed that lol! I will have a go, good practice even if I don't win right?

  5. Ooo, I'm exicited! Sounds amazing, great idea, I can't wait to see the winners, That is going to be some talent :)

  6. I myself can't wait to see what you guys will do. I am so excited!

    This is brilliant idea Maggie! :D

  7. Unfortunately I don't know how to make graphics!Please if anybody knows how answer me!I will really apreciate that!:D

  8. I love the Idea. I'm absolutely going to enter the competition. I've been working out on Mel's Medoll lately. Check out in my blog, random2be.blogspot.com. I'm entering just not about the money but for 'The Fame'.

  9. I'm done with it. I posted it on my blog @ random2be.blogspot.com

  10. I just have a question, what do non-ss get if they win?? Do they get 2oosd worth of prizes, or do they get made ss??

  11. Wow, AH-MAZ-ING idea!

    My entry:

    Then, I decided it could be better, and I know this hair isn't in the pictures, so that's why I made the other too, but I hope you like this one aswell. Took me hours! XD


    Hope you like, I worked REALLY hard on it!

    -Kim xoxo

  12. I'm going to have a go, this could be really fun ^_^ ! I'll make mine and then send it in :)

  13. Entry: http://i55.tinypic.com/t0q3a8.png
    Stardoll Username: JosephinaA
    I made the pose that was in the pic, but I change a little bit the eyes. That was my favourite look!
    Good luck to everyone (:

  14. @Agnes : I love your graphic! Hope you get the Top 3!

  15. I'm finally done lol! http://i51.tinypic.com/2rwuot3.png

  16. Hautechatnoit aka Goldenheart ThreadsMonday, January 24, 2011 12:02:00 PM

    Here is my LouisV Entry. What a great contest!



  17. Hi Maggie! Any word on when the winners will be posted? Thanks!

  18. Sorry to be a squeeky wheel but could you let us know when you will be posting the winners of this competition? Thank you very much@

  19. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_NXH-JCJg9ic/TUtCYSRNXKI/AAAAAAAAEds/-Wc02ZySmnE/s1600/10.PNG

  20. Ummmm...Maggie...Are you planning on finishing this competition? If not, could you please let us know one way or the other. It's now almost March and we have all been waiting (almost patiently) for some follow up on this. Thank you.


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