January 16, 2011

Too good to be true?


It seems that Stardoll is finally paying some much deserved attention to the Non-Superstars of Stardoll!

It first caught my attention when I discovered that Non-superstars were now able to purchase from the Starbazaar. Even though the non-superstars must have over 500 starpoints, I thought it quite kind of Stardoll to make this change.

Recently Stardoll has also upgraded and improved the old non-superstar hairstyles. It's as if they were just taught to shade, don't you think?

If I am to be honest, I now much prefer them over most of the superstar hairstyles. What used to be tacky is now STYLISH. Thank you, Stardoll!

Below are just a few of my favourites:

New Non-superstar members also receive a free day of superstar membership and a big bag of Stardollars to spend. You can't go wrong with a sack of Stardollars, right?!

So, now to my point.

Is Stardoll finally treating the Non-Superstars with some R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

Or is this another one of Callie's mischievous plans to lure Non-superstars to click upon the golden ''Upgrade'' button?

I'm not sure. I just hope that Stardoll keeps providing the Non-superstars with other privileges such as these.

What do you think?

Too good to be true? Too true to be good? Or, just plain good?

Lots of love,

~ Zoë xoxo


  1. I love the post Zo-zo. I think that Stardoll is just trying to maintain it's members and also attract more.

    I must say that I love the new hair too!

  2. stardoll doesnt care about anything but money =[

  3. I was wondering as well even though the starbazaar is a big joke to those who have paid real money for items others get free. Unless stardoll decides to refund paying members money why should those who don't pay get the same thing? You forgot to mention all the free gifts stardoll gives out almost daily.

    Well I have found the answer to all this, they must have known i-dressup was renovating & renewing their site which was launched today. We know stardoll copied some ideas from i-dressup & now i-dressup has done exactly the same & included more rooms (the layout of the rooms & medoll editor was copied from stardoll) & it's all free. They have new stardesign which is a bit better than stardoll's this would attract a lot of non-ss members as they can have exactly the same things for free which they can't get on stardoll. All this was launched today. That's why stardoll have been nice. Although i-dressup may later charge members for more sevices. I think it's to initially bring in more members.

  4. They want more users, and they want more users to be superstar and I suppose this is their way of doing it. Callie always wins >:(

  5. It's GOOD that non-superstars can have more fun in Stardoll now.

    @Anon, you've taken that straight from my mouth... What goes around comes around i guess. :)

  6. Im nonss and i think Stardoll are trying to keep their members active, also with the starbazaar thing, you cant sell your own items so you will need to top up your stardollers so you can buy more! But they are treating us better than before i recon :}



  7. Still all the good stuff in starplaza are superstar, non superstars can get only shoes and other accesories, which is lame. I am glad for change of hairstyles, but other then that, they are still making all good options superstar only.

  8. It's called the "Golden Upgrade." I once trusted stardoll, but they screwed with my trust. Call me a cynic, but it's truth.

  9. I hope so for all the Non-Superstars.

    Stardoll should treat all their members better after all without us...they would be nothing.

  10. Stardoll is giving the non superstars some respect and I love them for that!

  11. Another way of stardoll to lure the non-ss, I am for once glad about the changes! :) Only if we could sell from starbazaar, but Stardoll is leaving the non-ss To no-Pocket money.....But The hair difference is wayyy awesome, But @ Anonymous #2 I agree, But which one is the copier Sd or i-D ? We Need Another Be-a-SS-For day, With some money....

  12. I'm always so-so with Stardoll. I do what I think is a good idea and I feel like one day they are giving us free ss the next day they are screwing us over.

  13. I personally believe that it's very generous of Stardoll to give more attention even to Non-SS. A lot of younger girls will be very happy about this and this would attract more members too. Parents would be extremely happy as well that their children wouldn't have to bug them about these "unnecessary" expenses. :P

  14. I have no problem with stardoll making everything free as long as they refund every penny I've paid them. It's a slap in the face for those who have paid & I don't support it. Stardoll should have been free for all right from the begining then everything & every decision they make would be fair as no one pays. But would they have these many features & members? I doubt it. It would be like every other dress up site that people play on once in a while. It's unfair to those who've been deceived & paid for those items. They gave us the impression that the ss items were made from the money we pay them, now others just collect it free which is an insult. It's good to be nice but don't be too nice or people would take advantage of you & that's the case here. Every where in the real world you always get what you pay for. If you can't afford it then you go without those services & make do with what you have or a lot of people would end up complaining throughout life just as non-ss do. Stardoll is to blame for all this with all their lies & deceit.

  15. Ohh.Wow,Stardoll!!They really noticed that and non-superstar should get some (as you wrote) R-E-S-P-E-C-T.I'm very glad for superstars,the new hairstyles looks almost as the superstar ones! ;D

  16. I think its great, as a former ss (i can no longer afford it) I realise how much you take for granted as a SS there's so much you can't do/buy as non SS
    Its great stardoll are remembering everyone and improving the site for everyone :)

  17. I love the new hair! All my Non-SS friends told me how happy they are! I'm excited for them! Back then being SS was such a big deal, now I wouldn't mind staying a Non-ss for a while ;D Gota love Stardoll ♥

  18. now non SS can get SS clothes!!!!

  19. Its really good that they updated and some of the new things are really great


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