January 02, 2011

Child Abuse - A problem in the real world.

Been a long time hasn't it?
Well despite my banner's living in fantasy I wanted to - today - discuss a real life, world-wide issue, which concerns even us as teenagers, as young adults, or even as recently named adults! The issue concerning me and of course the world today, is child abuse.

Child abuse is a horrid act by which children get hurt either physically, emotionally or sexually. The thing is it can happen to anyone by any type of aggressor, could be within the family like a father, a mother, a sister, a brother; or it could be an outsider such as a friend of the family, a stranger who the child met whilst going to school or coming back.

Physical abuse is of course the one most observed because of cut marks, bruises, blood spatters, irregular rashes etc... The thing is, this is wildly spread because parents usually dont know how to punish their children without hitting or screaming, and violence most certainly leads to violence, the child WILL grow up to be just like those before him. Emotional abuse is one of the most less noticed ones because the child is hurt emotionally, the child may be neglected, pushed to think the parents dont like the child. Or perhaps intentionally destroying his toys, most favorite possessions etc...

Last but not least sexual abuse, which is the most horrible acts of all. This abuse is the one whereas the child gets his or her innocents taken away, the child then will think of well disturbing things and will be scarred for the rest of his/her life! This is most simply named rape or sexual assault, and this is the one that is most frequent in countries that have a lot of felons, a lot of mistreatment in the childhood years.
It should not hurt to be a child, a child who is not capable of either protecting himself because of inferiority or because the child thinks its disrespect to not obey the rules set by his parents or by an elder. So what can the child do? sit there and think I have to do this because this is the way life is? Absolutely not! He/she should fight for their lives as children, contact school teachers, or school officials, contact child services - because what is life if you get abused from your childhood and get to do the same to your children in the future?
The picture is pretty self explanatory, and yes what happened on the picture most certainly happened in real life because people tend to get mad at work, and cannot do anything about it, but choose to get it out on souls they think are inferior physically, emotionally and financially. The fact remains fact, children get abused daily, what can we do really about that? You say what can I do? Show your support!
Blue ribbons are for KIDS! If people support the movement of CHILDREN SECURITY then most certainly we can show our support to the children themselves. Blue ribbons represents hope, hope that some day children wont be a toy that can be kicked or screamed at just because it is not your size; hope that someday children can grow up to be different, to stop the cycle of harm and abuse; hope that someday children will now how to truly live a life of prosperity and fun-filled moments not only with their father, mother, family and friends but also with people of the community!
I have showed my support with wearing BLUE FOR KIDS ribbon Tee, and if you would like to show your support please contact me to get you a shirt! Show your support for the children who are helpless, this is a virtual world, and thats the LEAST we can do to help :)

If enough people buy and wear this I can do a poll for who wore it best!

Hope this helped open your eyes to the real world,
With love,


  1. Very interesting Post! It's really horrible what ppl do to hurt other ppl. Idk,if the ppl are mentally ill or something like that but they have to go to prison all the way. I'm glad, I wont be beaten by family and friends. Poor,really poor children. I hope we'll stop abuse of children soon!

  2. I love posts like these. It really does shine some light on topics that people ignore. I cannot imagine one of these children going to bed with a big bruise on their head. It's really sad.

  3. @ Supperstarvanni: Well its not just because some of them are ill, its because when you are brought up as a child with abuse chances are you will grow up to abuse your own children and that continues as a cycle!

    @ hearts (sorry dont know your name!): Well, what the bad thing about this is that they get hit everyday, one day its a bruise, the other is bleeding and the next could be fractures in skulls, in legs in hands etc... and the worst thing is most of these children are propelled to hide it because of shame, or respect to their elders, or are held hostage in their own homes!

  4. Their are so many naive people in the world about this issue, its so sad.

    ANYONE, can be abused as a child. And most likely, you have been. Child abuse can be just small acts of anger from parents, older siblings, etc. Like if you did something and your parent believe they should raise their voice to you or their hand. Some people just get use to it, and find it normal, when it shouldn't be the solution at all..

  5. Amazing post Maggie!
    ;( Makes me feel so sad that children are being abused as we speak :/

    I bought a t-shirt (:

  6. It's horrible. Disgusting. Sickening..

    Words can't describe it.

    I will buy a top when I get my superstar back.


  7. Argh, it's just heartbreaking how some adults can do to children - sometimes even those of their own flesh.
    Abuse is something that scares children eternally as they even pass phases of later life following adulthood, and possibly even through to eldery stages.
    It makes my heart shatter reading posts like this, but at least word is out: Child abuse must be stopped. The more people are aware of it, the more chance we have to identify such vulgar acts and give imprisonment to offenders.


  8. It's very sad :S And to think it may even be happening to your next door neighbours and you might not even now :S

    I'd buy one but they're all sold out :O

  9. I love this post, read it from start to finish. Another thing is, I really believe you are doing this for something good, not just to make a profit. You really care about this which is great! 1 shirt for me please. :)

  10. I'm really glad that you spoke out against this! Thankfully, I'm blessed enough to have never experienced this (at least not at home) personally. I would love it if no one else had to either. Hopefully buy making talking about the issue the way we are doing now we can make people more aware and more able to face such issues that go on in the real world.

    And I would like to back that up by saying--if you know someone who is being abused, please help them. Get them help. Often, they can't do it themselves.

    As it's a new year...here's to a better future; hopefully a future where people's hearts change and child abuse is long gone. *raises champagne glass*

  11. Heyy all those want a shirt, I am currently kind of broke so I am selling two Tee's at a time :( I am selling them all day.

    And after you buy it please wear the shirt for the poll! :)

  12. Love this post! It really warms my heart to see people stand up for a worthy cause..I would love to get one of those tees and wear it proud!

  13. I'd like a shirt too, wish they were a stardollar cheaper though...

  14. I am Jay 9 years old. My Dad left my Mom because she got pregnant by another man. She now has 2 more kids after me, from 2 different men. My Dad brought me with him to live with my stepmom.My Dad has no job. My stepmom sends me to school, feed me, clothe me, buys all my needs. She also disciplines me.

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  15. Poor Jay, whoever he or she is. Jay, if you ever come here again, we're here for you, and so is the blog. Get help. That isn't discipline, and you're not getting a normal childhood. You can't continue like this.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?