January 02, 2011

2011 for MDM™

A decade has gone by yet again and we are at a dawn of a new age.

We at MDM are turning another page of our lives.

Looking back two years at the past, it is a joy to still have all of you with us.

Back in the days when this blog was just a mere pigment of heresay and gossips, we are now opening 2011 with more than 500 followers... and mind you, we are continuously growing each day.

In celeberation of the success of Stardoll's first ever Lifestyle Blog, we bring to you the projects and events you all have to watch out for this year.


If you've got it, flaunt it!
And if you don't want to do it yourself, MDM will do it for you.
Spending countless hours in the Starbazaar won't be fruitless all the time especially if we have these designers around, who with their God-given gifts, continuously provide joy and excitement to the whole of Stardollandia.

This project is a tribute to all the talented Stardesigners out there.
From the undiscovered to the most celebrated, MDM will find you month after month.


The overwhelming response we got from all of you from our call for more staff caught us by surprise.

And it was a pleasant one.
This year, we will be looking for the best of the best amongst all you aspiring and exisiting bloggers in Stardoll.

Amuse us, move us, make us laugh-out-loud with all those amazingly written posts for there can only be One Top Blogger.

Huge prizes await you and the search will soon be on.


300 additional followers in one short month is just amazing.
...and we want to take all of you in that ride this time.

Become a follower yourself, bring a friend or two along to do the same and you will be rewarded for each successful (and valid!) referral.

The first of its kind in Stardoll, MDM now brings the concept of a Rewards Program to all of its dear followers.

Curious already?

Just wait and see.


And as if that's not enough, due to the success of MDM's Pink Christmas Lottery 2010, we figured everyday can become Christmas for all of us and we don't have to wait another full calendar year to do this again.

Nothing can stop us.

...from bringing you...

 Huge prizes. Loads of fun. Packed with suspense.

From the first ever Lifestyle Blog.



  1. This blog is amazing. I can't wait!!!

  2. So many things so many interresting yet funny , that our followers will sure enjoy

  3. The thing I like about this blog is that you think about the audience and you treat everyone like royalty. Keep up the good work.


    I love this blog xD I love you all!!

  5. This is all so exciting! I love all of these things, and yes, it's exciting that MDM has hit the 500 follower mark in so short a time! Imagine, within three months or shorter we can be at 1000 followers! :)

  6. Wow, this is amazing! The audience including me will NEVER get tired!

  7. Next Top Blogger? :O
    I'm looking forward to that x)

  8. I love how interactive this blog is. It's like you guys can read our minds!

    And I agree with one of the comments, you treat all your followers like royalty.

    I love MDM!

  9. I like how you will actually take the time to see how talented we are.
    I feel like other blogs don't really care.
    They see an elite name and forget about everyone else.
    You guys actually consider everyone of us, I really love that about this blog.

  10. This has definitely become my favorite blog to read, its amazing & the new features you're adding - Wow.

  11. OMG. Amazing. Bouncing in my seat right now.

    SugarShoez (sugar103)

  12. You guys are awesome! Just when I thought MDM couldn't get any better =]I sent in a form applying 4 staff, SO nervous! I haven't received a reply in 1 week :( Does that mean you guys aren't accepting me? Oh, well! MDM will always be great.

  13. *breathtaking* Omg,i can't wait! I can't wait!

  14. This blog has got so many follower in such a short time which is great!
    I really like MDM as it is different from most of the other blogs today...and the articles here are written of high standard.

    The new projects are good ideas and I am sure that followers will stay loyal.

    Thank you Noelle and Isabella!

  15. Ok, this all sounds amazing!!! Especially can't wait for 'Designer Of The Hour'-I love designing stardesign clothes, but I haven't been able to get them known or bought, this could be a fab opportunity for me!(and loads of others alike!)

    Thanks, Love K xxx

    (sparklewand12 on stardoll)

  16. Wow, i love this blog, cant wait for the year ahead! x


  17. I love these new and awesome ideas for the blog. I will surely brace myself for 2011

  18. I love this blog! Ohhh! I just cannot wait ><'' really hope my luck is at peak this year!


  19. Wow this is absolutely amazing! 2011 will be better than ever! (:


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