January 03, 2011

Give our friends a helping hand...

Another year has flown by so fast that is unbelievable, this only brings another year which shall be better and filled with even more fun and excitement.

In a few more days after I have hopefully finished packing my suitcases full of essentials and clothes...I will be jetting off to South-East of Africa, Malawi to be exact.

Yes I know what your all thinking, I am going to be relaxing beside the picturesque scenery and sipping colourful cocktails. Nice sunny weather, perfect for getting a tan, but I rather like staying pale to be honest.

No I am not bragging as this is not a "holiday".
I am trying to complete one of my New Year's resolutions- Having the heart to help others.I will be going to a village and trying to improve its' people lives to an extent.

Malawi is one of the least developed third world countries today and the industry is mainly agricultural. The country has greatly relied on help from others and still needs it.

Myself and a couple of my friends have always had an interest in helping places such as Africa, we have held countless things to help fundraise for the less-fortunate.
Yes even the cake-stalls and at times "soak the teacher"!
I feel privilliged to be going to Malawi as that is one of the places that we have sent our donations to quite a lot.

Not quite Angelina Jolie, but we are getting there!

I have admired Jolie, her sense of style, her talents and her career, but most importantly her good nature and she is willing to help other people who suffer from hardships. An ambassador of Unicef and frequently gives out thousands and at times millions of dollars to the needy.

Only if there were more celebrities in the world like her. *sigh*

Myself and my friends felt to do this as recently our Biology tutor had passed away due to him unfortunately losing to cancer.
He always felt very strongly about equality and that we should help the most deprived people.

One of the main things we done with him was sponsor children to be educated well.

We hope to continue his work and I shall report back on my findings.
I will tell you once I am on my journey and post a daily dairy of my week here on MDM.
Stay tuned!


  1. This may sounds ridiculous but that was touching.
    Good luck!

  2. wow that is very good and kind of you!!! good lcuk

  3. Good luck to you. I hope you make a difference down there. They will be so touched. And I hope the children feel like they can relate to you even in the tiniest way. I can't imagine how hard it must be for the children especially.

    God bless.

  4. Good luck. I also have huge respect for celebrities who have stayed on the ground and try to help the poor.

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  6. Amazing thing!
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  7. I can't wait for the coming posts Jenny. Good luck on this... you make us proud. :D

  8. thats really good of u and ur friends to do this bubblyminty. good luck and i cant wait for ur posts. xxx

  9. Angela Jolie is beautiful and a good person at heart. She is one of the role models when it comes to genorosity to me.

    Good luck and make us proud honey!
    Before you know, with a little luck, lots of determination and hard work, you will impact the lives of those greatly :)

    best wishes,

  10. Aww thanks everyone :). I will do my best!

  11. I really admire you for giving a little bit of yourself to others. It's an amazing feeling--that feeling you get from helping people. I pray that you will be safe during your travels, and that your kind heart may reach out to those you're around. :)

    Best wishes, and God bless!

  12. who won at the last 2 holiday dresses poll? you never told the winners:-??

  13. May God bless you do that you have a safe journey and I admire you so much bubblyminty. good lcuk!y

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    MSW club :p

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