January 03, 2011

Coincidence or Fact?

Here's a thought.

People say that Stardoll copies I-dressup's layout and dolls.

And I'm starting to think Stardoll copies or is ''inspired'' by us a bit too.

I remember back in the beginning of the Group craze when Fashion Group and Dioguardi Group where the Groups your project had to get into.

I remember there being no Stardoll Network before this, and a month or so after FG and many other Groups basically took over Stardoll, Stardoll made their own Group - Stardoll Network which is made up of Stardoll, Paperdoll Heaven and Piczo.

OK, so maybe that could be a coincidence but it's a little too coincidental for me.

The next thing that got me thinking, is Miss Stardoll World. During the Summer, we had 2 main Miss Stardoll competitions created and later that year, Stardoll had their own competition exactly like them.

I know some people will say ''Stardoll had the idea before they just released the Miss World one later'' and so on but still, I think Stardoll did get some inspiration from us on this one.

I'm sure there's many others too.

I'm not saying Stardoll definitely took our ideas, it's just something I've noticed.

What do you think - Coincidence or Fact?


  1. 100% Fact I'd say.
    It's no doubt stardoll is initiating ideas from its users.
    Whether its copying I'm not sure :/
    But they should give some credit if they are.


  2. Fact.Fact.Fact.Fact.Definitely fact.I'm sorry Stardoll,I really love you,but this..is FACT!

  3. Yes, 100%!

    I mean, These are the 'Supposed' Minds behind Giving us a Christmas Tree For 60$ That we got for free last year? Baha!
    Definitely not the creators of Miss Stardoll World :D

  4. I'm not saying it's fully factual but the staff at SD HQ are doing jack shit, they 'create' clothes? Uhh no they just pixelise items from RTW/Pre-Fall/Cruise/Resort/Couture/Atelier collections-absolutely NO creativity involved in that they're just creating ersatz replication.

    The big shots over at Stardoll are clever designers produce clothes Stardoll just whips out the Cintiq and begin creating carpon copies. And at the end of the day they take home Posen and Lanvin Duffle bags bursting with wads of green.

  5. Hmm, fact and coincidence.

    I guess Stardoll sees our ideas and uses them a lot, but probably adds their own ideas to it too. I guess we could call Stardoll a copy kitten, other than a copy cat for that reason ^^


  6. Just a question, I do think everything you have brought up in this article does have some truth behind it but why is everyone slamming the site that we supposedly love? It's just confusing....If you dont like them 'copying' other sites or blogs then maybe the site simply isn't for you anymore so just delete you account instead of trying to convince other that stardoll is lying to us.

  7. Yes, stardoll is for sure getting 'inspirations' from stardoll's blogging industry! Especially with MDM, I remember reading a post about how it has been taking inspirations from the designs on this blog. But it has been happening with others as well. No coincidence that a few famous bloggers were nominated for MSW--it was for them to spread the word about it. Stardoll is very aware of and I am sure researching the blogs and projects to see what kind of things the stardoll community wants, whether to make it a better website or too make some money out of us. Probably both ;)

  8. Stardoll took "A number of things" from MDM too.

    When this blog took a hiatus and when I came back, Isabella and myself where so surprised to see some things that were taken from MDM.

    It's all in this post: http://medollmemoires.blogspot.com/2010/11/familiar-it-figures.html

  9. I really couldnt understand ur writing..u kept saying things over and over..


  11. I think Stardoll is getting ideas from other users for sure.
    I know for a fact they read blogs that users have created.
    I contacted them about it and they even gave me an email to where I can send them my blog!
    I think the Miss Stardoll World idea was just coincidence. Their competition was much different than yours.
    The only similar thing is the name and colors.
    And anyone could have come up with that.
    There is Miss Top Model, Miss Next Top Model, Miss Junior Model, I've heard so many.

    But if they did get inspired by your blog, then that's a great honor to hold.

  12. I think this is completely FACT. To be completely honest though...I think it's a fact that we can all be proud of. After all, Stardoll would be nothing without its users, and the fact that its users are addicted enough to create a whole cyber community centered around the cite is amazing and humbling. It's about time that they start paying attention. ;)

  13. When you come to think of it though, isn't it a relief to know that Stardoll actually listens to its customers and take suggestions to provide better entertainment to all of us?

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  15. I'm not sure at all, maybe they're just trying to make our dreams true. Because someone has made the competition and stardoll are probably trying to make it for more people to enjoy. I'm really not sure.

  16. Actually Noj, they do a lousy job at imitating those outfits on the runway and sometimes end up giving us shitty clothes that I think my dead grandmother wouldnt be caught wearing :| I mean they should stop hearing us out with stuff that wont help us at all and start giving off good clothes, good suites and something to AT LEAST work with!

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  18. Fact. Stardoll says they always look at blogs and everything. They get our ideas and they get 'inspired', so they copy. I find it stupid. They are probably a million dollar company and they can't come up with their own ideas? I mean, I love stardoll, but really? They even totally copied things from this blog too.


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