January 14, 2011

ElitesExposed - Copycat Wannabes....and elites.

It only takes one person to start an idea.

As time progresses some of us take inspiration from the past and try to conjure up something that is not only partly original but also something that is amazing.

By now we have all heard of ElitesExposed. This fabulous female was the person that gave us our insatiable appetite to keep reading her stylish writing and insightful rants. With her being unknown there were many conspiracies as to who she really was. Lots of accusations and controversy but the brave AislinVictory soon revealed her beautiful self.

AislinVictory turned on her brain and got her creative juices flowing and made ElitesExposed the first kind of its'...kind?
I am not sure what to call the idea haha!

It can be somewhat flattering when another person uses a little part of your idea. Though when one makes an utter mockery of it you will be annoyed and dissapointed.

It seems as if this anonymous trend has grown. But it does not match up to the original and I am sure that EliteExposed does not appreciate this!

On EE's blog she wrote about Snobs.exposed being a "mockery", "trashy" and just plain unoriginal.

I must agree, this user has been endlessly slamming other so-called elites. Her user name is just a compilation of EE and her attitude - which is immensely snobby! Taking most of Aislin's ideas away from here. e.g. Aislin's Good and Naughty list and Snobs.exposed Winners and Losers list.

With EE we all knew that she was really a kind and a fair person. Another anonymous user has recently caught my eye, but for the wrong reasons.
Meet NeverHaveIever.

Not only is this user a menacing bitch, but she seems to enjoy threatening other people...our very own Maggie is one of the few examples. Take a look at what NeverHaveIever had to say to her.

*Click to enlarge*

This being a virtual world many of us can pretend to be whoever we want to be. We can pretend that we live in a mansion with our chihuahuas in Beverly Hills, or that our parents our rich. But pretending to be more powerful and omnipotent is one thing that I have not seen until I saw this girl.

She obviously does not have the courage to use her main account to say these pugnacious messages to others.

She should have looked at Maggie before saying these things...that Samurai blade does look awfully sharp!

Obviously it seems that this psychotic creature is not content with harrassing just one Stardoll member. Later on she moved to Isabella.

What secret? I am sure that Isabella took a hiatus of Stardoll as she got bored of it and she does have a real life too.
Do we not all get tired of this site at one point?
This girl has certainly can "talk the talk" but unfortunately cannot "walk the walk".

Judging by her presentation this poor creature is filled with envy from other users. Her usual nature of threatening others by exposing secrets does sound quite frightening, but let us be realistic.
Will she?

And as if there was not enough of these menancing users...Oh look- another one!

EliteQueen. A "royal" who is intent with keeping her elite babies safe from the clutches of others. She has been reported to have sent many of these so-called elites friend requests and has promised to "protect them".

I honestly almost fell off my chair reading this!

Take a gander at her presentation....

All of these accounts have one thing in common, they are all associated with "elites".

I honestly do not understand why some people crave these titles on Stardoll, it is all virtual. Being an elite does not make you an elite in real life. Seriously, half of what we consider elite today are just people who have no lives!

You can pretend that you are a rich and a popular socialite, cause virtual scandals and act as if you are of a higher status than those below you.
One word; Bullshit.

Although very few of who are considered elite are not compulsive liars craving fame. Some do have talents are extremely nice.
That is true..but only some.

I will never understand this virtual world.

Oh yeah sorry for the terrible drawings I done on paint using my mouse, my graphic tablet wasn't functioning...but you do like them don't you?!


  1. Most of them have been badgering at me too :| we have award shows, magazines and fashion shows on Stardoll but no guns..

  2. Yes I feel the exact same way!
    Bahahah, I <3 the part you said about her having to check Maggie's outfit out first before talking!! So true, it scared the wits out of mee :)

    Great post, Jenny!

  3. I've been receiving a lot of these same comments too. I think one even said they know my secret..that I'm a boy. How unoriginal. I usually just delete them. If you respond it just keeps them going.

    You said:
    With EE we all knew that she was really a kind and a fair person.

    While I admit she definitely states her case a bit more eloquently than the rest. One fact remains the same she is still trashing people she doesn't even know.

    Maybe I am taking this personally because she called me a class A Bitch (when again she knows nothing about me, but personally all of these people are the same to me.

    They say "elites" judge people..well whose judging who now and who gives people the title. I certainly never did.

  4. That Neverhevelever or whatever she's called is a Pretty Little Liars wannabe, putting an -A after everything.

  5. Aislin/EE is amazingly talented!

  6. What a great post! Very interesting. I read the NeverHaveIEver's presentation, and what a bunch of BS! Elites being famous for nothing? Honestly people are only "crowned" elites by other users, who think they deserve the title. People don't just walk around saying "I'm an elite just because", they EARN the title.

    To be honest I think most of the copycats are just un creative, jealous people. If you want to be an elite, you have to prove your worth.

  7. I remember seeing that girl commented on Maddie's page. I even asked Maddie, why are people putting -A behind what they write, does it mean something? (I figured out it was for your name, lol.)

    But to see so many people using -A and quotation marks is kinda strange.

    I have to agree with the anonymous, it does seem like 'Pretty Little Liars' doesn't it???

    Plus, I'd rather be a nobody in real life then some 'Elite' on a VIRTUAL website, wheres the pride in that? I only use the website because, I like dressing up my favorite celebrities from around the world, and wearing makeup without it hurting my eyes.

  8. They are idiots, it's just pathetic. I really appreciate you bringing this up Jenny. I read NeverHaveIEver's presentation, "target"? Who does she think she is?! She is plain jealous.

    I wish Stardoll will stop expanding this gap and ranking between the users, it's hurting people. A girl insulted me for having a simple SuperStar account in my GuestBook the other day and it really can hurt you, but don't let these losers get to you!


  9. That stupid Nevrhavelever girl always ends with -A. I remember that's the thing the missing girl from 'Pretty Little Liars' said at the end o her messages to her friends. I bet she knows the book!
    Those guys are pathetic. It's just a website!!
    It also happens a lot that people cpoy other people's pres. I've had that. Catzlover4 copied my pres, changed some words and said i hacked her. How pathetic...

  10. Wow! Its amazing what you see on a virtual game, its kind of sad hey? anyway, Amazing post, i love everything you stated, every bit of it was true..

  11. **Said not started, sorry my computer seems to change words!

  12. The photo with Effay (brit-on-me) in it was gold xD

  13. Has anyone RECENTLY seen EliteQueen?!

    She is now ss, and most of the people on her bff list are 'Elites'?! Is she actually an elite? I am confused...

  14. People really have no life! To crave on others is pathetic! That neverhaveiever girl is just coping a popular show in the US called Pretty Little Liars. So dumb to take it in her own hands and make her look like she the shit when she really is not! Just a girl with no life trying to soak up some fame and attention.


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