January 13, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: The Circle of 18

Let us all welcome...

MDM's Next Top Blogger Magic Circle of 18!

18 Talented Writers

12 gruelling weeks


The search has just begun for MDM's Next Top Blogger.


PRIZES: 1.) TITLE OF MDM'S NEXT TOP BLOGGER  2.) 14 MONTHS SUPERSTAR CODE (inclusive of 200 Stardollars weekly allowance coming to a total of 2,800 Stardollars 3.) 500 Stardollars Cash 4.) Permanent Writer Position at Stardoll's first ever Lifestyle Blog, medollmemoires.blogspot.com


  1. =O Those are some Amazingg Prizess. I wanna do this comp!! Haha. I wish all you girls luck! Veryy Nice Noelle, Your really are bringing this blog to the next level. xxJucii

  2. darn it, wish I could've joined it. Oh well.

  3. Exciting!! The prizes are amazing and the contestants are promising. Can't wait to see how this goes!

  4. Those prizes are awesome! Good luck everyone :D

  5. WOW! Im so surprised im there! WOW thank you so much! I cant wait! :)

  6. A big WOW for the prizes!!
    Cant wait, cant wait

  7. YAYAYAY! Thanks for choosing me as one of the finalists! I am so honored!

  8. Thanks for choosing me as a finalist, Thank you so much!! Words Cannot express how excited I am, let the games begin ;)

  9. This is just amazing! Noelle, always you come up with such exciting things! =)

  10. Thank You for picking me as a finalist!! Honestly I never saw it coming!! =) xoxo

  11. Thank You for choosing me as a finalist!! My eyes popped when I was told I'm in the running! Thanks 4 the oppertunity!! So excited!! =) xoxo

  12. Thank you!
    Can't wait to compete!

    This will be good!

  13. Haha I love my medoll ;)
    Changed it though ^.^
    Can't wait for these 12 weeks.
    Thanks so much for giving me a shot!
    Good luck to everyone who made it in.
    Its great to see some non superstars also.

    xoxo Larsa_Gurl

  14. Thank you MDM team for choosing me as a finalist! Honestly, I never saw it coming! I'm so glad and happy!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!:)! Good luck people ;)

  15. Can't wait to see the challenges, now I regret for not signign up in a first place. Oh well, good luck everyone :)


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