January 31, 2011

MDM Welcomes Aislin Victory!

The 2nd poster from the MDM Top Blogger Poster Series is with no other than Elites Exposed's Aislin Victory!

Also, MDM is so proud to announce that Aislin will be one of the 4 new writers we will have on the blog.

Will you be able to guess who The Stylish, The Royal and The Classic are?

As her first assignment, Aislin will take us all through the 2nd challenge our remaining 14 finalists for MDM's Next Top Blogger Competition would have to go through in the Top Blogger Mail below:

 To Aislin, we are so honored to have you on the team!

...and to the 14 finalists, good luck on this next challenge of yours!


  1. aislinvictory is eliterevolution

  2. Best person I could have thought of to take that place! Congratz :D

  3. Welcome I love her poster and the graphic for mdm it is beaautiful...

  4. Yet another beautiful graphic by you Noelle. Love it.

  5. Wow. :D

    I'm glad we have someone like her on Stardoll!

  6. stylish is style_magazine, the royal is to_royal, the classic is n1mka4eva

  7. Best choice for that place!
    Congrads Aislin! ^^

  8. Don't like her, her blog or what she stands for

  9. aislinvictory is eliterevolution

    totally agree!!!!


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