February 01, 2011

FAKE is a four letter word.

I knew it. I just KNEW it.
Disney is NOT taking over, this means that all this fear and all this sadness was part of a Joke.

Whoever did this received their laughs, that is for sure.
I know I believed it after a while, and I thought that December 2012 would be the end of dollyworld as we know it. Though deep inside, I always thought someone was behind this gaffe. Whoever did this was smart, obviously not stupid. They probably planned and thought through the process.

1. They made a fake, seemingly plausible, Disney Announcement
2. They found a way for it to be posted on MAJOR blogs
3. Little by little more info was released. A message (in another language) to a stardollian claiming it confirmed that this story was true told to them by stardoll staff themselves, having someone post on SMV (one of the biggest stardoll blogs) by i_am_collector, stating that the Disney takeover will be in December 2012, How The Stardoll Network's website actually had "new site coming soon" on the site (this meant that the network's site would be revamped not the actual stardoll site, but of course it played really well into this prank that was being pulled at the time), etc.

Good news though,

Stardoll is NOT changing to Disney, and we can all just breathe.


  1. Yay! i'm so happy that disney news is fake :P

  2. I kinda already knew it was a fake. It was prank by someone in OC.

  3. It's so annoying someone would prank this. HAHAHAH you got your laugh. It's not even funny at all.

  4. That's good ! Whoever spread those rumors, should have known that stardoll is a big source of income, so : WHO THE HELL would sell it? I personally didn't believe it, cause if it was true, there would be more info on the stardoll as well as on the internet :)

  5. I am so glad it is fake but that was so silly of someone to make this...

  6. She didn't know her prank would spread around the Stardollian world.


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