February 27, 2011

Abortion: Right or Wrong?

From my last post on gay marriage, it recieved many mixed comments and opinions on the subject- it even went as far as one reader accusing another of not being a good catholic just because she was bisexual and for not attending mass.

Some certain people- who I will not name, I shall spare their blushes this time- were calling some "snobby liberals" for supporting gays. Oh come on...grow up!

And the topic of abortion was abrubtly thrown in, although it was extremely inrelevant and no one commented on it, so I have decided to write about it. Some call it an act of murder, killing innocent baby, whereas some find it as a means of way to remove an unwanted child.

Instead of sharing just my view, I have asked some opinionated and insighful characters to tell us theirs:

I think we should allow abortion, it's completely up to the woman herself, why should other people get involved? It's HER life. ~N1mka4eva

I don't really think abortion is necessary, because it's like your killing someone inside of you, and adoption is there, to someone take care of the life you couldn't stand. ~ Brit-on-me

Well, I am totally against abortion if you take the time to make a baby you should take the time to raise that baby. ~ Elite-girl

Abortion is the worst act a female can do. ~ Miss_LolitaF

I'm pro-choice. When the baby is in the womb, it isn't quite human yet. If the parents are too old, young, or can't support the child, why should they suffer? They should be able to choose what to do with their child, and abortion is an option for that. ~ xxDrivebylove

Abortion... well, my opinion is that it is wrong. killing an innocent baby who doesn't have the ability to tell you ''I want to live'' could never be right in my eyes. However, this is just my opinion.

Imagine you waking up, early morning, regardless of your reason, and imagine right then when your eyes just opened taking a short glance on the dark surroundings of your room and someone suffocates you - intentionally, and you don’t live. That is what you are depriving a child of when abortion takes place, because just as you have a life that is important to you that child has a life too, and human rights aren't just for developed humans, but are for everyone in all stages of life, even if it is during the embryonic stage. To be honest, it is a crime and no matter what should remain so.
~ Findurlove

And my opinion on abortion?
I was against abortion when I was first told about it, I did not understand how one could "kill" another without feeling remorse or regret. But I looked at both sides and put myself in the position, I spoke to a lot of people about it and they seem to be against the idea, I actually support abortion.

We should not bring up an unwanted child in this world, it is morally wrong- and if you go on to talk about adoption; are there not enough orphanges in the world today?!
I do not believe it to be a cold-hearted act of murder, it is removing a group of cells which cannot exist outside of the body, there is a substantial difference between human life and "humanhood".
People are dying because abortion in some places is illegal, this only encourages backstreet abortion which normally leads to death.

And some of you may think that it is the female's fault if they got pregant, yes unprotected sex is a factor but have you heard the Pope's preaches?
He is against condoms. Talk about eradicating AIDS and other stuff along with it.

Wait...look at the shape of the Pope's chair.


  1. I'm totally against the abortion. Like it or not is killing someone and even if life's hard, no one should be privated of living. And if they can't protect the child or anything else, just have it and then give it for adoption, but don't kill it! Some people would do anything to have a child.

  2. It depends on opinion, I'm neutral on it, If you are to old or to young, there is always the choice of adoption to give away an unwanted child.

    To some, abortion does a bit of good, but to others is it the most foul and horrifying thing a female may do.

    I remember my mother told me that she was a bit to old to have me, but she still accepted me.

    So, all in all it just depends on the person.

  3. I support it too! Good for you for exporessing your view Jenny :D.

  4. HAHAH that last comment is so funny about the pope's chair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don't know what to think.

    My first thoughts when I read the title of this post was: "Wrong, wrong, wrong! How could anyone kill a baby!?"

    After reading a little further... not so much anymore. Is it really that bad? You're not ACTUALLY destroying a life, you're destroying cells.

    Right now I guess it depends on the situation wether I'm for it or against it.

    SugarShoez (sugar103)

  6. I thinks its really cruel to take away a persons life and no matter how small they are still a person, people may think its ok they are not even a properly grown person yet, but think of a baby, thats all it is, could you kill a baby?

    However I also agree that in some cases abortion is kinda neccessary, what if you can't afford the baby or it was an accident. I just think that if you don't want a baby you should have safe *** or not have it until you are ready for the possibility of a baby.

    Also many people can't have babies and would always be happy to adopt the baby. and would love it more than maybe even their own as they thought they would never have one.

    I am neutrual like Yumi. I guess it can be right but also very very wrong...

  7. LMFAO at the popes chair, it loks lyk a friggin condom!

  8. His chair, lmao. :)

    My opinion is pretty much the exact same as yours, I think people should try their best to use protection if they do not want a baby but if someone falls pregnant and there is no one to give them a proper home it is better to have abortion. It is completely up to what the mother wants to do. I don't think I would ever be able to have an abortion myself though.

  9. I agree with Linda, but sometimes abortion is necessary in some way. Sometimes people go to abortion when they have been abused or have cancer, mental health and other reasons like that, and there not ready or suitable to have a baby, when you have been abused, its a shocker, you wouldn't know, you wouldn't be ready, people are fourteen, twelve or even twenty nine when they've been abused, you might not be ready. Although I do know, you might ask, 'why dont you give it up for adoption, some people can't have babies' Although that pain giving your baby away, cause ten years later, you might just want that baby back, that's wrong but its realistic. Your mental health could get to the point where your ready to have a baby, or your cancers disappeared, or something else.

    I do also think kill isn't the right word for abortion, it just sounds very cruel, as a said before some people aren't ready, its not killing a human your just removing a baby, expulsion the baby. Some people take it the wrong way, but that's there opinion.

  10. I just love this post Jen Jen!!! I love you girl :D I'm supporting abortion! What if the woman was raped? That child would be a reminder of what happened for the rest of her life! I don't know if i could love that child as much! Just my opinion...

  11. I know no matter what would happen to me I wouldn't be able to abort my own child but I wouldn't impose my personal feelings on another woman.

    I think in some cases it's necessary. Some babies form diseases in the womb which mean they will die immediately after being born. Should a woman go through the trauma of giving birth to a child that will die anyway? And probably more painfull for the baby at full term :(

    What if the mother is ill and would die before bringing the baby to full term? The baby would have a strong chance of not surviving and it's mother would be dead but after abortion the mother could get treatment and cure the illness and go on to have more children.

    You really need to think these things through before you deny a woman what I think is a right we're entitled to.

  12. what is the pope's chair shaped like. . . ?

  13. We had a long discussion about this in my religion class last year, a lot of people said that it was wrong to destroy precious life and that if you don't want a baby then you should give it up for adoption when it is born, I kind of agree with this, however I do believe that it is easy to make a judgment when you're not the one in the situation, you can say that abortion is a terrible thing but what about when you're 19 with your whole future stretching out in front of you and you suddenly discover that you're pregnant I can understand why a women would choose abortion.
    Also, reading Alice's comment, my religion teacher said that it is very unlikely for a women to get pregnant after being raped because a woman is so traumatised that even if she does fall pregnant she would probably miscarry.

    I hope that abortion is something I will never have to face, but unless I am in the situation I cannot say what my decision would be.

    p.s. I like these posts, they really get people talking :)

  14. @N1mka4eva: I agree when you said it's her life, but I think that she has no right to decide what to do with the baby's life, isn't it the baby's life? She has the right to decide if she wants a baby before conception, but after that I don't think so. It is not a toy for god's sake, it's a human being and the most important thing it's your flash and blood.
    I personally think I am willing to give my life for my baby.
    Please don't get me wrong! Everyone has its own opinion.

    @ all: I know you are too young to understand this but you will when you become mothers yourself. The love for your own child is the most wonderful feeling in the world and cannot be compared.

    Btw. great post :)

  15. @ ˙·٠•●♥ anisa123 ♥●•٠·˙

    You actually can't say anything, I was abused and actually I did become pregnant when I was fifteen,it was MY decision to bring up the baby or not, I couldn't, I was to young, I had to. You can't judge anybody by going to abortion, before you have been through that feeling. Its a hard thing. Now please don't call me horrible, scared and other words like that. Because I felt scared, doing the abortion was horrible, but I had to, and I still live up to that decision, 2 years on.

  16. Hey MDM,
    I for one am against abortion. I would never be able to go through with having an abortion if it ever came to that. As well as, this being my motto on the topic:
    If you were aware of the unprotected sex taking place at that time and understood the consequences you should be able to face them.

    Of course, in my opinion there are exceptions for this, two main ones in my opinion include:
    Rape - Pregnancy from being raped cannot be prevented and wasn't purpose in any way, shape or form. Nor was it by choice.
    A Risk To Health - If a woman is pregnant and it was a risk to her health to conceive the baby and her only option was to have an abortion.

    I don't see abortion as being frowned upon as many have there reasons for doing so. If so many people saw it as a negative thing it would never have been invented and stayed around for this long.

    This is just my opinion.
    Natalie x :)
    Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

  17. It depends on the situation, imagine being raped, i know that sounds weird but listen, if you're left pregnant and you've not got time for a child, because adoption can be difficult too, it's the kindest thing to do.
    Or if you found out the baby was going to be disabled? Which could lead onto the subject of Euthanasia which I think would be a really good thing to post about!
    Anyway I really enjoyed reading this! :)

  18. I think abortion is okay. I know alot of girls who got pregnant too early. And they are sitting behind a cash register now. It´s hard to get pregnant too young, and will often ruin a girls future, I´m not saying all girls, but every girl I know had to depend on their boyfriends :/

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  20. Think about this, what if adoption was off the table. And, the mother was clearly unfit to raise the child?? The baby would be born into an awful world.

    And, you cant abort a baby after a certain period of time, you cant abort it when your like 6 months pregnant, im pretty sure at that time its killing, but its within the first month or though.
    And at that period of time its just like a cell, an organism, its to small, and im sure it cant feel much pain.

    It is a life form, there is no doubting that, but its proven that it cannot feel at that early in the womb.

  21. It is morally wrong to kill a child. The two parents were careless enough not to use protection, so they should take respnsibility for their actions. Takefully i live in a country where this is illegal. But i get that sometimes it is necessary, like when the child is unhealthy and threatening the mothers life.

    Great post btw and i think its great you're highlighting this issue.

  22. I'm neutral.

    Sure, I agree that abortion is quite wrong. But, would you rather get rid of something that isn't actually alive yet (and Linda's statement is a bit wrong, it can't actually feel it). And, Charlotte is right. It is the mother's choice, why should we be the one to judge.

    As more and more babies are born, they fill up the orphanages leaving thousands with no homes. And, if the mothers can't take care of them, they are in for a long time of suffering.

    And, it is wrong to do that. Your not killing, just taking cells out of your body.

    And, yes, adoption is good. But, speaking as there are thousands in orphanages now, how will one kid get adopted when women have their own ability to conceive a child?

    True, it's a person's choice, but
    That's my point.

  23. I'm pro-choice, but I really think abortion should only be happening if there's extenuating circumstances. Fore example:
    - If the woman was raped
    - If birth control was used, but it failed.
    - If she's under 18 years old
    - If giving birth to the child would be a huge medical risk for the mother.

  24. I actually support abortion.I think that everyone has the right now choice whether its abortion,adoption or keeping the baby.And there are some rare cases were a rape victim gets pregnant and i think if she wants to abort she should have the right to do it!some people say that abortion is wrong well i think that a women not having the right now do whatever she pleases with the "human being" inside her is wrong!

  25. Not properly being there for a child can really screw them up. So in my opinion the real question is is it better to live a horrible life, or to never have lived at all?

    I think the later. I believe in reincarnation, and if this soul would have a horrible life this time around I think that it's better to spare them and let them come back to have a better life.

    I'm pro choice.

  26. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Sunday, February 27, 2011 9:43:00 AM

    I think abortion is bad. YOUR KILLING A BABY!!!! You should go to adoption centres or stuff...

  27. @ Princess_Dumini

    I understand what you mean, but, in actuality it is just a group of cells. There are certain reasons why a person would do abortion, and I understand that. Now, there is always the option of adoption but, with how many adoption centres there are around the world, it's not a smart idea.

    If the mother wants the child, so be it, if she does not, then let it be.

  28. I am on the fence on this subject.

    No-one should be forced to have something that they don't want to do. But if abortion is used as a means of PROTECTION then it is WRONG. If you accidentally get pregnant, then that is your responsibility to raise or give away the child.

    But, if the conception of the foetus is through harsh circumstances, e.g. rape, then abortion may be the only way out of the horrible situation you have found yourself in. I know it may sound wrong, but imagine you've fallen pregnant due to sexual abuse. Would YOU really want to look into the face of the product of that night, always rememinded of how they came to be.

    Plus, there is always the religious views that may affect your opinion. But in the end, it is YOUR decision.

    I'm not for it, or against it. It's the womans choice, not anyone elses.

  29. Very good post on the subject. You managed to state your opinion without being judgemental about it.

    I'm personally against abortion. Look at it this way: The mother chose to have sex with someone, she had her choice. The baby is not able to make the choice, but it should be given a chance to live.

    Whether the mother is too young or too old, should not be a factor, in my opinion. They had their choice.

    BUT, if there is a possibility of the child having some sort of disease that would make their life like a living hell, I'm not sure what to do. Whether it is better for them to have live painfully than to not have lived at all is something I'm not wise enough to know yet. Only situations like that or the possibility of the mother AND child dying during labor. Only those are acceptable for debate.

  30. Another thing I forgot to mention was about a girl being raped or abused or something.

    Well, that situation wasn't her choice, and I probably still would be happy if a friend or someone I knew got an abortion even in that situation, but it that ONE situation, I suppose it would be their choice.

    But, remember, whether you like it or not, it is considered killing a life. Cells = Life. If you think you are just destroying cells, think about it this way: What if someone came and killed all of YOUR cells? Everything in your body is cells. Oh, but they are just killing cells. True, but again, cells = life.

    Sorry for such essays of comments, I'm a bit extreme, if you haven't noticed. And I really don't mean to offend anyone with what I have said so far.

  31. I meant Maggie's statement, not Linda's.

  32. I am totally AGAINST abortion. You are taking away someones life, and then, even though you wanted to abort, you will feel guilty and you will be sad the rest of your life, because you killed your SON, is the worst act a female can do.
    If you were raped, then don't keep him, but give him for adoption, so he will live a better life.
    I really share the same point of view as Findurlove, imagine if you are in your room, drinking a cofee , and watching TV, and then somebody comes in and kill you?
    Although is up to a woman to abort or don't, then she will feel guilty.
    Anyways, your posts are great, and they can change somebody's opinion.
    Lulica aka lulita-15

  33. "Wait...look at the Pope's chair." :D

    I am a Muslim, so I get most my opinions on issues like this based on my religious and moral beliefs put together. I agree with most of what my religion says, anyways.

    I sit on the fence with this issue. I think it's wrong if the woman just thinks "Crap, I hate kids, I don't want one". However, if she chooses to have abortion because of rape, endangered life [hers or the kid], not being able to support etc, you know-something genuine where the child could suffer-then it's allowed.

    End of the day, like I said, I'm a Muslim and that's where I'm gonna get most my views from. Also, because I believe in God, the afterlife, etc, I firmly believe that if the mother does bring the child in, and she knows she'll cope but may find it hard to, then she'll get an even greater reward for her patience in the afterlife.

  34. You are sick. I would like you to die that way. Burn in hell, "oh so stardoll elite, rich and fameous" and CARELESS !

    You are really a big no lifer.

    Plsu , all of your "fans" are just kissing your ass. Sick.



  35. I personally am completely against abortion, this child is being killed before they have had even had the chance to live. Who knows what this baby might grow up to accomplish? If the parents do not have the money or health to raise this child, they can keep them in care until the parents are financially/health-wise ready to take care of this child. Abortion is one of the worst things a woman can do, it is not possible (or at least I can not imagine)that this can every be any couple's ONLY choice.

  36. Personally I don't think I could ever have an abortion, but abortion is necessary and who are we to judge those who choose it.

    Scientifically roughly half of fertilised emybryos don't even implant in the womb, the body is a natural killer itself.
    If we throw in the legal debate, abortion HAS to be legal, without it we are endangering women who decide to have back-street abortions where the sanitation and procedures cannot be regulated and controlled.
    Also if abortion was not legal every single woman who had a miscarriage would be investigated to see if it was genuinely a miscarriage or if it were and abortion, these women will be in enough distress as it is at such a hard time this can only be seen as cruel.

    Although many of us would not choose to have an abortion, some of these women feel like they have no choice and we shouldn't judge them for that even if you have been in a similar situation.

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  40. LOLitas mother should have aborted her.

  41. Well I'm pro-choice because that just means you have the choice to not get an abortion if your are against it, but that you can if you are for it. It's only fair.People have the right to do what they want. Also, I am 16, and I can say quite easily now that if i got into the situation where I got pregnant, I would seriously consider abortion, because I know my life would be ruined if I got pregnant. That's just my opinion though. Also the pope has said that condoms are actually allowed now in order to prevent STI's. He said that if they are used for that reason and not to prevent conception then it is not a sin to use them!

  42. I am against it because there is always adoption, you don't have to remove the child from life just because A) you are to young. B) you just don't want the child. A innocent child that was brought to the world, and you want abortion>? I think its cruel, and it is just killing an innocent child.

  43. I am so against abortion. Those poor babies, so innocent and cute would never get to see the world!

    But, if your raped at a young age and don't want the rapist's baby of course abortion is the right choice, though I wish it wasn't.

    PS: I love the ending! :) "Wait, look at the shape of Pope's chair." xD

  44. Anonymous , go fuck yourself , and die. SHOW.YOUR.FACE ;D

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  45. I believe that abortion should be allowed.
    I was reading a book (Freakanomics) and it stated something very true. It was not pro- or anti-abortion, it was just stating the facts. It wasn't even on that topic, it was just mentioned in passing.

    No one wants to take a life willingly, unless your some creepy serial killer.

    When abortion is LEGAL, crime rates go down. Abortion is directly related to this, probably simply because MOTHERS KNOW whether or not they can raise their child. Even if they did "it" on purpose and did not practice safe s-x, they still know. Say you're 16, you find out your pregnant. Even if you took precautions- say wearing a condom- condoms break. Period. So, you find out your 16. You live in downtown Detroit. Your boyfriend? He's a high-school dropout. Your mom? She left your family when you were 2. Your dad? Drunk. You? Well, you were hopping to end up better than the rest of them, but that's kind of out the window, huh? If you can't get an abortion, you're stuck.

    As you all said, what did that baby ever do? Nothing.

    So why submit to such a fate?

    Furthermore, babies when in the womb are essentially just a collection of cells. You're not taking a life, per se, though I still understand the morals behind this.

    Making abortions illegal will just lead to back-street abortions, which will lead to more deaths. Nice, so the baby gets a chance to live, than it AND the mother die. Perfect (that was sarcasm).

    And I haven't even gotten STARTED on rape.

    I think you can see my opinion on this one ;).

  46. You are right for the rapes, but I am for the abortion only if it is necessary , or raped or something serious. But like, aaaaah nah I don't want that baby, and abort, thats like something ... cruel.

  47. @Bubblyminty

    You want to know why the Pope is against condoms? Because you shouldn't NEEd one. Catholics, and most christians(I am assuming) believe in sex only after marraige. And upon getting married, the groom and bride are supposed to be supportive and open to having children, therefore, no need of a condom. And seriously about the chair? How immature can you be? It is a symbol that only someone as ignorant as you wouldn't be aware of.


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