February 26, 2011

Ask Dei II

1. Hi, I need Boy advice! There is aboy that I reealy like but he is totally oblivious to me. He hardly talks to me, only tiny things. But sometimes I do catch him looking at me. The bad thing is, is that one of my close friends likes him too, but everyone k 

- Well, I see that you basically are saying, I like him a lot kind of thing? Well my suggestion is for you to get up and flirt with him! I hope you don't just sit around and hope for him to come up and ask you out. Most times, guys are oblivious to girls liking them unless they are talking to them a lot and all giddy and such. So just try to talk with him more, try to hang around him more. But not too much, don't become a leech! So maybe start by seeing something he likes and talk about it just to start up conversation and then go from there.


2. Hi, I would like to ask you, If you think that emao's and goths can get well known on stardoll, without doing something weird like the tyler sacndal... 

 - Sure! Anyone can in my eyes. I don't believe you have to look like a typical 'elite' to be well known. :)

3. Why do you like Stardoll? 

- Well, because... maybe because I can buy all the designer I want and dress haute couture all I want and have pretty much a little virtual escape world on the side.

4. Hi;) Tell me what should I do... I kinda want to have a BF, but I am fat and have a "heavy character"... I don't really have a huge social life, cause I go 2 private school and have lessons afterwards... I am just so in need of an advice ...  

- Oh, pfft, fat has nothing to do with getting a boyfriend! Yeah, sure, people see the world like, 'Oh its not good for a girl to look like this or look like that'. So please, you are a beautiful person no matter size you are. And really, I am fat :)And I have a boyfriend, so.. :D But maybe you should just talk to guys more often? It may be hard to but you should get more comfortable to talking with guys before you actually look for one to date. But my guess is that you just need a bit of esteem to help you! And if you want more help from me personally, contact me on Stardoll, I would be glad to help.

5. Does my outfit on my medoll look good? I was going for a culture type of look as your last post inspired me to dress my medoll in a different fashion -Coolgirl185 (incase you need the outfit :) ) 

- I love it! :D But maybe without the green sleeves/top?


6. Who's Your Inspiration for fashion? 

- To be honest, I don't really know. I am easily inspired to something I think is new and different. So I guess new things inspire me?

7. This isn't for the Ask Dei section, so please answer :D Are you giving out prizes for TCA? 

 - Well anything in the Ask Dei section which is a question is still asking 'Dei' something.. But anyway.. Prizes? The prize you get is the gift of winning. :)

8. How do you think you got to your status. And please I wouldn't enjoy an "idk" as an answer. Please try to answer to your fullest ((: 

- Haha, well.. my only guess is that I had knew a lot of people who were 'famous' on Stardoll and people really liked my outfits? 

9. Who was your first elite friend? And who was your fav. elite when you where just getting around stardoll 

- I think it would be Perez (PerezStarGossip)! :D Since I use to go to her parties ALL of the time, haha. And she would have to had been my favorite one because she is so nice and funny!

10. whats ur stardoll name?? 

- ... uh.. its To_Royal..(Click the link to visit me?)

11. What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment on stardoll, and why? 

- My first Best Dressed List that I was featured on! :D I was so happy when I did, I literally was about to have a heart attack seeing myself featured and NOT being bashed!

12. Thanks for the answer last time, and I have another question. I'm in a bit of a situation... I get constantly bullied in school.. To the point of some threatening to shoot me a few years ago. How do I get through this? To put it nicely, my school 

- Sorry that Formspring cut off your question! Well, I know its not cool to, but tell someone. I mean, you don't need to tell on the people bullying you, but you need to find a way to stand up for yourself and get past it all. Being bullied sucks, and sometimes it leads to horrible situations. So you should find an outlet for it all. But also, maybe try to avoid it if you can, start walking different places, sit different places, be closer to teachers or administrators, anything to help you feel safer at school. School is not meant to hurt you.


13. How can I build up my self esteem? People tell me I'm beautiful, but I don't feel that way & it makes me cry at times. 

- I know exactly where you are coming from. Yeah, sometimes its hard to believe things people tell you when you yourself can't believe those very things! My suggestions would be: start trying to date, get a small make-over! (like new clothes, or try out make-up more, or perfume!), dye your hair to a color you really like (but like a natural-like color, like blonde, light brown, black, orange-y red, etc.), and force yourself, thats right, MAKE yourself, everyday in the mirror say, 'I am beautiful.' :) Do it, I dare you. I know its hard, but after a while you get use to it.

14. What is your faviourte brand on stardoll DKNY , MKA RC , PP RC , LE , Antidote ? 

- None of the above. :)

15. Do you think stardoll is going downhill in someways? :) x 

- Oh it is, believe it, I know it is. But maybe it will come back? Who knows..

16. Whats Your Stardoll Talent? 

- Idfk. 


17. honestly, i want to be elite. i want everyone to know and like me. how can i do this? 

- Well, don't be the creepy wanna-be who likes to reply to every 'elites' outfit or them in their guest-book. My guess is that you should be more social though. Everybody tries to be popular by either becoming a 'model', a blogger, or own a magazine. Those were OLD methods, they don't work like they use to. So yeah, try to just be more social to people, maybe go to more parties and have a Skype! >=D

Love, DEIDRA <3


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?