February 19, 2011


I don't usually do this, but my writing is extremely important to me and I have been planning this event for months now.

I would really appreciate it if everyone could stop by the premiere party for my first movie, The Defenders.

Following the premiere party is the release of the movie.
And anyone who is interested in being on the best dressed list should let me know in my guestbook.
Username: AislinVictory

The invite says the party will be held on Skype but that has been changed.
Tinychat will now be the location.


I would appreciate it greatly if you all could make it.

This is the link for the blog where the movie will premiere.


  1. Oh my gosh I would love to go I can't wait I will defineitely ask in your guestbook, if thats ok with you?

    This sounds really promising I can't wait Aislin...

  2. I'll go to it, but I'm not bothering to be on the best dress list, that's okay right?


  3. Oh I can't go as best dressed as its right now, sorry♥

  4. I'm there with a weak internet connection... I'm just catching up with the first parts. :P

  5. The movie, together with the party is a HUGE success! Nice work Aislin

  6. Yumi(Too lazy to log in as always..)Sunday, February 20, 2011 9:13:00 AM

    Okay, so I made it, and I've changed my mind I do want to be on it..

    It was an enchanting movie, nice work.


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