February 20, 2011

The Topshop Way To Look Punk-Rocker This Spring

I was looking through Topshop makeup and just fell in love with a few of their colors, which happened to all fall into the punk-rocker category:

So I made a step by step guide to looking like a punk rocker while staying on trend this spring!

Here's How: 
Start with applying your basic foundation, concealer, and/or powder on.
Topshop Blush in Butterscotch
 Use this blush and make it bold on your cheeks, making it more sharp a shape than you usually would with a blush. If you have a dark skin tone, try a deep purple blush to get the same affect.
Topshop Matte Eyes in Painted
Time for the eyes! Apply this eyeshadow heavily to your lids.
Matte Eyes in Blackboard

Then, add this to the outer lids and the bottom eyelash line for a smokey affect.
Matte Eyes in Porcelain
Now add this to your brow bone and inner eyes to add the highlights, as well as a hint in your mid eyelid to add a shiny, highlight to your eyes.
Liquid Eyeliner in Rook
Then line your upper lash line in a liquid eyeliner. Make it subtle, you want the eyeshadow to be the dominant makeup, not the eyeliner.

Mascara in Raven
Lastly double coat your lashes in black mascara.

Now it's time for the fun part: the lips!

Lips in Ruthless
Apply this lipstick, or any almost-black purple lipstick, to your lips.

Gloss in Glass
Make your lips even more bold by adding a layer of clear gloss to add some shine.

And yet, how can the ever-so-bold makeup  go on it's own?
While scavenging the website I found these shoes that fit the colors perfectly. It was meant to be!

Let me known your thoughts, suggestions and critique in comments!


  1. I have always tried to do this look but I end up emo instead of punk rocker.

  2. @tinkerbell101

    It really depends how you wear it with. Make sure to wear, say, a casual little black dress with a golden link chain belt, the shoes recommended, the makeup, and you hair down. That way, it will look chic instead of emo. Wearing this look with jeans and converse doesn't work. I hope that helps!


  3. Nice post. But I hope you can write something more relevant to Stardoll. I know you are a good writer. You should just leave the fashion posts to someone like... hmmm... Lolita?


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