February 13, 2011

Confidence is key - A problem in the real world

First, I would like to thank all of you for all of your views and opinions on my Child abuse post, as it is now one of the most frequently read posts in MDM history. Again, Thank you for that because without awareness nothing can be achieved, and innocent lives may be scarred for life. On to the post I have prepared today:

One of the most important facts everyone should know and believe in is that you can never change, and by change I dont mean adaptation because every single one of us wants to fit in and to do so we adapt to our surroundings not in the sense of hiding our true identity but in the sense of being who the people want you to be - which in most cases is wrong, but that's a whole other story.

By change I mean being a person you totally are not because you think who you are is unacceptable, ugly, wretched and undeserving. That is completely untrue because you cant change, and how much you try to do so you will hit a dead end because the truth is you were born this way. People who think they are not perfect should know that no one is perfect. Everyone wants perfection but the truth is perfection is like a myth, something you can never achieve, something you should believe is false.

I am sure everyone of you have gone through dark moments, where you feel the most vulnerable, open, and undeserving; and the truth is at that specific time you feel the least confident, and when you are the least confident you lose yourself, dont get me wrong, you dont actually lose yourself, but you wouldn't feel like yourself, problems such as paranoia, and sometimes depression start to arise. This all returns to the fact that confidence is the key to being not only finding true happiness, but also to be successful in what you do and what you are planning to arrange.

This post basically was to remind you all that change is inevitable, but you control your personal changes, and to remind you to keep your head held high and to look in the mirror and say ''who's that fine chick/guy that's looking at me'' because you know you deserve it. Confidence is key, and you should be proud and confident in yourself even in the worst cases.

In conclusion, I would like to share with all of you how a simple four minute song just changed my perspective on who I am, and even if you do not like the song itself (which is below) please google the lyrics of Born this way by the always fabulous Lady Gaga.

With love,

P.S.: The LV competition will be posted ASAP :)


  1. I am not a confident person but for a moment when I read this post I thought , well maybe I am ok and even if I am not I can't change who I am purposefully and I should just get on with life.

    I know it may only last a few minutes but they feeling I got from this post was wonderful and I love Lady Gagas new song at the end,..xox

  2. It's just too bad that we all have to live and conform to a hypocritical society. Beautiful touching post Mags. :)

  3. Confidence is taught and not inherited, don't you agree??

  4. @ Anonymous: I believe that confidence can be taught, because with all of these courses like public speaking, leadership programs and all people can be taught to be confident. However, as I have read once on a blog, they said people sometimes acquire confidence from inheritance, not too sure about that but who knows?!

    Good question! :)

  5. People become who they want to be. You can have all the "confident" genes but if you don't know how to put those into play, you will just be blending among the rest.

    Confident or not, we live our own lives.

  6. This post made me want to cry! I loved it! Thanks for introducing me to this song!


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