February 20, 2011

How To_Royal came to be.. (Part I)?

Hello beautiful Dollywoodians. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.. :) 

But no, I am here to introduce myself personally to all of you fabulous bloggers. Lately I have been very busy so I am glad I do not have to deal with too much anymore, at this point, so I can be more relaxed and it leads me to fall into the fantasy world we dub 'Dollywood' a.k.a., Stardoll.com..

Its scary to think.. I have been using my very account, To_Royal, for almost FOUR years now.. Its funny to look back and think of the past. If it was as if it was yesterday..

When I was around 11 years old, I was a huge fan of paper-doll dress-ups online, they were so fulfilling for my tween fashionista flair (I dare you to say THAT five times fast..) that I wanted to show in my dress-ups. Mainly I would always be on the look out for new dress-ups on this website called DressupGames.com. And then one day I got bored of them not updating for a minute, so I started to check out the websites they had listed.. Which led me to discover Stardoll. 

All Stardoll was to me back then was a website with tons of paper-doll dress-ups! Seriously, I couldn't give a flying flipping hotdog about 'Fame, Fashion, and Friends'.. And then one day I discovered that you could actually save what dress-up creations you created.. with an account, funny right? So then I made an account.. with the prefect name to suit me.. I remember, it was PrinCessDei, when I was about 11 or 12.. I have no clue if that account is still around or not, so..

Eventually, after a laptop mishap with lasted over half a year of no internet, lead me to buy a computer.. I forgot the account's password, sooo, I decided to start over new. So in April, 2007, when I was 13 years old.. To_Royal was made.. No clue what Stardoll had to offer and yet to discover the drama filled world we now call Dollywood..

To be continued(?)

This is the story of how I came to be introduced to Stardoll.

How were you introduced to Stardoll?

How long have you been using Stardoll overall?

If me talking/telling you guys stories about things, me or other people, actually entertains you guys, please, PLEASE, tell me in the comments.

And if you hate it, tell me that too. :)

And also, if you have any question or wonder about anything I wrote here, please ask me in the comments! :D

Love, DEIDRA <3


  1. I love this post, Dei. Please do continue.

    About me:
    I've been using stardoll since 2008, but on late 2009.... I deleted my account out of boredom XD

    Late 2010, I discovered the other side of stardoll. I discovered that there are elites, blogs and a whole new community. I then decided to create a new account and a blog that focuses about elite gossips..... Then Noelle/Isabella discovered my writing ability and hired me as a writer in this amazing blog w/c I consider my home and family :)

  2. I discovered stardoll in summer of 2008, a friend showed it to me. Only last spring, though, did I become aware of the blogs and whole stardoll world. After that, I found my best friends (AislinVictory & JuciiMami827) and we all just worked hard on various different projects to get where we are now.


  3. My sister who is 11 now, made an account in 2009, but before that in 2007 she had shown this website to me many times, we signed up but then deleted it again, it seemed boring to me.

    In 2009 december, i made a new account, unfortunetly i got scammed, gave the account away to a friend.

    In 2010 february i opened a new one, because i got addicted to it, this account got hacked and ruined by my hacker so this one is deleted too -.-

  4. Love the post!

    I was in 6th grade when I discovered Stardoll in they year of 2006-2007, at first I had this one account I don't know what I named it. I wasn't active at all! I remember I believe it was 2007 when we first received 3 room (2 extra rooms plus the closet) I remember begging my mom and dad to borrow their credit card to become, superstar if it was even called that at the time. Back then I was very smart and I sent those message that said "post this message in 6 people's guestbook and receive 9000 stardollars!" I thought it was legit and I was terribly mistaken and my account was deleted! I didn't really care because I only checked my account 1 a month, if that!

    My next account I create like 3 months later, a account that I still use sometimes. I was obsessed with the color pink and named my account Pink something(secret account), anywho I started reading blogs like Stardoll's Most Hated, and Stardoll Daily Tabloid, and became in love with Stardoll. Like 9 months later I created my main account that i use now, Elite-girl. I've never been known for making great username, and that explains Elite-girl. Because really 'elites' are uberly obsessed with themselves, bitches.

    3rd accounts a charm ayyee?

  5. Yumi(Too lazy to log in as always..)Sunday, February 20, 2011 1:45:00 PM

    Nice post.
    For me, I remember I was about 7 or 8, and I had a 13 year old friend who loved to dress up dolls online. Dollz mania, any website you name it!

    So one day, she showed me stardoll, a website filled with a bunch of beautiful dolls to dress up, so, when I came home later that day, I decided to make an account on the computer I used to own from the 90's. I had named it Evel78 or whatever really. I would go on there everyday, if I remember I made it in late 2006-2007. I loved that account, I earned a seldom amount of friends, and that account blossomed.

    But, I was rarely active, so I created another account in 2008 crying almost, when I found out my old account was deleted, such a waste. That account, I use, and as insane as I am, I sometimes post comments to myself on my new account on it.

    I had created various accounts branched off from my original about 6 or so. Now, only three remain, Superjuniormfan, Yumsie, and another one. While still owning basically my original, I some how stumbled onto Stardoll blogs, and have become obsessed ever since.


  6. I joined stardoll at school (the filters didn't block it) as we were aloud to as we wish after we'd finished our work in ICT. That was when I was in year 7,I think it was early 2009. I rarely logged into that account until I went to my friends house and relised I could get 1sd a day if I logged on. I bought some stuff (not much as I could only earn 7 ad a week) and I slowly just aboned the account.

    I don't remember when I made my account I use now but in 2009 I discovered blogs and I used these blogs to get FREE items for my doll. My suite started getting fuller with items, unlike my first account that has 4 rooms this one had 1. I decided why not vie my account a treat? I had just got my phone so I bought a month of ss in October/December time.

    After my ss had ended Play and earn began, I logged in an d earnt my 5 ss by playing games, spent it and I logged off. Stardoll made a limit to 70sd a month from play and earn so I stopped using my account nearer the end of the month.

    In the middle of the summer holidays Miss Stardoll World was made. I logged in everyday to catch up on all the updates. I joined MSW and became a frequent visitor. I started re-discovering blogs such as missLolitia's blog the stardoll shiner and Underneath Stardoll. I went on everyday, discovering more blogs and the stardoll elite world.

    My account I use now (coolgirl185) was made ss for another month, some glitch gave me 1600 sd and all the rooms but I only got a month ss.

    My original account I still sometimes go on but I got board one day and wreaked the already rubbish rooms so I can't be bothered to re-decorate anymore

  7. I only joined last summer and I joined as one day I was bored and I was looking for dress up sites. Stardoll came up and it was on the start page so I thought well why not make an account to try. Now I am addicted and I go on nearly everyday.

    I liked this post it had lots of info but was not huge and time consuming to read. I like your style of writing too. ...

  8. That's an awesomestory! I've been using Stardoll for about a year and a half, but I sort of get a bit bored wit it now so I don't go on it.

  9. Blame Isabella why i am on here. Hahaha! I think i still have the copy of that first giftcode she gave me to make me "superstar"... and that was f-o-u-r years ago.

    Can't wait for the upcoming posts Deidra Chanel. :D

  10. So excited that you are on here at MDM as well.

  11. I can't remember the exact date I started, but it was back before 'Stardoll' as such existed, when it was only paperdollheaven. I loved being able to save in the albums :) Funnily enough I came across it when looking up Emma Watson... and there was a link to the site... been there ever since. Great post

  12. My introduction to stardoll a long story!!In March 2007 we got our first computer. I was 11 years old going 12 in August. I was introduced to stardoll by my cousins. I created my first account when we had the computer set up called chillya. I was using that account for 3 years. It was the best!! I was Royalty in 2009 I had lots of $$$, and I had lots of HB and DKNY!! But then in February 2010, I got hacked. I dont who done it or how it happened but I got hacked. I got my account back alright but I sent a lot of mail to stardoll but they proberly just got tired of listening to me so they deleted it. I then created Iluvcookiesxxx.Got hacked and can't access it. Then there was musicqueenxx. Someone said to me in private chat (not going to name names) "Give me your password now or I will get my dad who is an officer to arrest and kill you" A load of bullshit, I thought. I dont know if this girl hacked me or not but I got hacked anyway. Then there was musicqueenxx2. My current account which is going well atm!! Well thats my stardoll story :P

  13. I joined Stardoll for the very first time on summer 2007.... :)

    I forgot the name of a gossip blog I used to check (about fashion and famous pp) so trying to find it on google and by accident I found a very curious article about stardoll website and how u could dress up famous people...
    I checked the page and I liked it so I made my first medoll. I remember I made like 3 different medolls with different names and style and Tinkerbells was the one who got more visits and GB comments, so I finally decide to stay with my Tinkerbells account!! Lol!
    After some months being Non-Superstar I decided to make my account superstar! :)

  14. loved your post i'm a member of dollywood since i was 11 years old too! and today i still have the same account! it is kiara276 if you want to visit me see ya! :)

  15. It was 19th January,2009.That's very special day - day when I made my Stardoll account.I remember I was sick and I didn't really know what to do online.I was looking for something perfect what I could "play".My best friend told me about Stardoll.It seemed very stupid to me,but I did an account. "Avril14140" (which I'm still using today).I made account and log off.I didn't know anything about Stardoll,I honestly thought that I'd just forgot my password and never come back.BUT,after a week,I logged-in AGAIN.That's when I started playing Stardoll.I spent so much time on it,Stardoll is like my "other life".I never changed my account and I never will (I hope).Even I hate my nickname,I don't wanna make another account.Too much memoires.

  16. I discovered Stardoll at the late,late age of fourteen. The bored little girl I was was in search of a bit of fashion inspiration,as well as some new friends. So I turned to Google.Good old Google. And I typed ''Fashion,friends". And I'm sad to report that almost 3 years later,I'm still an addict. It's brought me through MelsModels,BBS,shitty friends and great ones too.

    And so today,I'm calming down and realizing,what the hell has this given me in my real life? The answer is still to come...

  17. Love the post!

    I discovered Stardoll in 2008 when I was at the mall I bought a magazine in it you had a free superstar gift code from stardoll. So I made my first acount I can't remeber the name anymore. I quit stardoll somwhere in 2009.

    After a couple months in 2009 I was again on Stardoll I wanted to log in with my old account but I was forgot the password :) I made my second account after that 4 months later someone hacked my account so I quit stardoll again.

    In April 5th 2010 I created an other account: CChanelCrystale. In 2010 Stardoll became intresting because then I found out about elites, blogs and a whole new community. Later in 2010 I get my old (second) hacked account back. But after the whole new stardoll make-over the old account of mine was deleted. And thats when I made CChanelCrystale my main account and became a Superstar.

  18. mizzmileycyrus9 and famewhore freeduck_ got deleted!!! LOL!!!

  19. mizzmileycyrus9 and famewhore freeduck_ got deleted!!! LOL!!!

  20. mizzmileycyrus hacked freeduck_. famewhores' cat fight!

  21. I don't think he got hacked. It's another ploy to get some attention

  22. i loved it, could you tell us now you became an "elite" ? This question has always stuck with me.

  23. I was 9 at the time, so it was 2008. My sister showed me Stardoll. I wasn't really a fan of dressup games, so I never logged on it. I did check up on it from time to time though.
    Then one day I joined a popular club, (Fashionista xD) And I was surprised with all the 1 minute ago topics. I changed my doll completely, and I slowly grew addicted to stardoll.

  24. I have been on Stardoll for four years? WTF! O_O. Virtual time goes so fast.

  25. I think it's very interesting to read how everyone got their start (:

    I've actually only had this one account (liajm). I was in the 7th grade (12 years old in 2007), and I was hanging out out with my BFF and she showed me the site. I mde my account, and it was fun for a while. I was ss a couple times, saving up my money to buy codes from target. In 8th/9th grade I got kinda board with it, and I didn't go on much. But then my friend told me that they had clubs now, and it was LOADS more fun. So then I went on alot more. Then in late 2009 sd roalty was created, and I was a member! That was when I became HUGELY active. I've been a ss ever since then.....In early 2010 I started competing in modeling competitions, and thats when I became aware of the whole stardoll elites, and blogs, and magazines and such. I have to say it makes stardoll much more interesting, and I'm not sure when I'll ever be able to pull my self away from this world.

  26. I've only been on SD for a few months I believe. And it's all thanks to my good friend Noelle_Page. :)

    She introduced SD to me and after a lot of coaxing from her I eventually succumbed...with no regrets at all. :)

  27. I discovered Stardoll in early 2010. I joined & made my account (StarTish2000). Then I didn't go on it since I joined. I came back in June & I told my friend to join. She did. I found out she got some Miss 60 in her wardrobe & I looked at the starplaza & realised it was for Superstars. She told me she got SS for 24 hours & I made another account (StarTishthe2nd). I was stupid. D: But I gave StarTish2000 to someone else now. :)


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