February 11, 2011

Just Another Fame Seeker

Gossip Girl here,
bringing you fresh Stardoll gossips.

We all know that Chad a.k.a. Madworld is a hot guy, who has many admirers.
But there is only one admirer of his, who stood out from the rest..... in a BAD way.

alexapie90, is a very desperate girl.
I spotted her flirting with Chad on his guestbook.

Okay? maybe she's not flirting. She's more like abusing.

The dress that she's talking about, is a cleavage bearing dress:

If you think she's weird, wait until you see her presentation:

I don't know if I should freak out or laugh.
She's willing to look, sound and be stupid just for a guy and for fame.
She makes me sick.

How about you?
Are you tired of fame seeking whores ruining our beloved Stardoll?
i'll be waiting for your answer.



  1. Can I just ask...what's so 'hot' about pixels?

  2. @Jessica896 Some pixels can create your dream guy! HOT!! XD

  3. Hahaha! I guess she's bored, give her few months she'll be over this & on to something (or someone) else. She didn't ask to be famous, you've made her famous (well for a day).

  4. @Anonymous, yeah maybe she's just bored and wants fame.... Here I am giving her just that, not that she deserves it. :P

  5. I remember that username! she copied my friends presentation!Well, once xD She has another account with the exact same name (with only diffrent numbers)I think. :P

  6. Wow thats er strange and so awkward for poor Chad I hope it works out ok for him.

    I don't get why you would say that sort of thing to someone you do not know, what does it gain?...

    ps. your posts are great...

  7. She seriously did that?
    What an idiot.

    Nice post Stacy.

  8. I didnt know you can write good posts. Good job

  9. @evermore yeah poor chad :(
    it's so sad to hear that she has other accounts, stardoll should do something to perverts like her :P
    @Lolita thank you!
    @anon thank you.

  10. LMAO
    you can't say she's fame seeking
    she's just getting attention out
    of it..

    It's kinda funny to be honest

  11. If you think about it you are giving the famewhore what she is searching, FAME.
    But, anyways it still a great post! We should be aware of this famewhores, they are maybe hackers, as mizzmyleycyruss9.

    Luli / lulita-15

  12. LMAO i cant stop laughing while reading this post

  13. NYMPHO on the lose! LOL!

  14. Great post by the way compared to what you use to write before. Good job!

  15. Nice post =]]
    There you go, your fame for 15 minutes. Happy already?


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?