February 12, 2011

Stardoll, get your Shit Together.

Grits laced with cheddar cheese is something most southerners are accustomed to.
I love cheese grits, and today they are fueling me with enough energy to make this post.

In recent news, UndamyUmbrellla was removed from Stardoll for a rather "graphic" design she created.
She then had her account reinstated somehow.
Let me just state that I do not give a shit about when, where or why someone is removed from Stardoll.
My issue lies with the fact that Stardoll has the authority to remove someone.

Okay, I know what you're thinking..."It's Stardoll's website, they can do what they want."
And that may very well be true, but that doesn't mean I don't think it's complete and utter shit.
Let's all take a moment to really break this situation down.

1. You create a Stardoll account under the assumption that it's "free".
(And it is free if you want to have a shitty experience on Stardoll)

2. You then use whatever resources you have to pull in some cash to purchase Superstar membership.

3. You're building momentum now. Gaining Starpoints and a nice wardrobe.

4. It's been a few years now and you're collecting rares, making designs, filling your suite.

All of this time you've spent on Stardoll is important. But it's not important because you love what the site has to offer, it's important because you come to said site and spend all your damn money!
This is where I get irked.

You entrust your money with Stardoll. You buy their memberships, you buy their clothes, their various suite items; you spend money on broadcasts, designs and Starbazaar purchases.
But the moment you "fuck up" and abuse their site, you're out with a second glance.
I'm pretty sure if I invested oodles of cash into Stardoll I would not take having my account removed lightly. I would be pissed. In fact, I think everyone should be pissed at the thought of Stardoll having free reign to fuck you over at any moments notice.

As this rant turns to rambling you're all wondering "Well what do you propose we do, Aislin?"
I believe that when you've become well enough invested with Stardoll, meaning that you've spent a heavy dosage of cash that helps fuel their paychecks, you should be entitled to some sort of security.

Maybe a three strike program? 
Maybe a little notification that Stardoll doesn't "appreciate" what you're doing with their site.
Something that guarantees they aren't going to shut you down because you went a step further and showed a measly nipple instead designing a t-shirt with way too much cleavage.

Stardoll should have a right to keep their site "safe". But not on their own terms.
They should have a right to terminate your account, but not without your knowing.
Stardoll needs to get their shit together and that's something we can all agree on.


  1. Agreed. If SS members DO get deleted, then stardoll should atleast give them a refund!

  2. Yeah this post is too true, my friend has a faulty mouse where she has to click a few times for things to work and so she wrote to me and told me she was sorry she had accidently reported me.
    We thought ok well once will be ok and never thought more of it, until the next day stardoll sent me a letter saying one more report and your out! I was so shocked they told me they would shut down my doll instantly without even looking into what happened or asking any questions. Eventually my friend wrote to stardoll and said what had happened but they never apologised or anything they just said they had their eye on me and I had better obey the rules!

    I was so upset as for a few days I was sure I was going to be deleted at any minute and a
    I couldn't contact my friend to say what had happened as I was reported from her.

    Three strikes should definitely be an option and they should get people to fill out report forms or something or maybe check it out, surely they can view the messages sent and see what is happening?

    Sorry this is a touvhy subject for me to. Enjoy your grit and cheese Aislin, another great post I really look forward to your honest rants ^_^...

  3. I was so angry when stardoll sent the letter to my I was like wtf

  4. I was so angry when stardoll sent the letter to my I was like wtf

  5. I was so angry when stardoll sent the letter to my I was like wtf

  6. A better "Reporting" process needs to be in place here. Followed by a good "investigation". I do hope that these processes are on their way now as we don't need new facial features, new Starplaza interior or new shelves to place our purchases on all that much... What we need is security and a good customer service that we all deserve as paying customers.

    ...Say... maybe start with a more secure trading system?

  7. Like some people said we should get a refund instead of just getting deleted!! o_O

  8. Well it is Stardoll's website and they sure can do anything they want with it.

  9. @anonymous
    yes. But what they are doing isn't fair for people!

  10. I do not agree with whoever made that design there's no excuse for that. Janet Jackson did a similar thing & it was offensive to a lot of adults watching, not to think of a site where there are lots of young people as well.

    However I agree with every other thing you said (& also the first comment). Stardoll changes their policies, promises & rules at any time, they keep trying to mess us up yet they are willing to take our money. If any paying member gets deleted without warning they should get a refund. And if they fail or change their promises we should be compensated with a percentage of what we paid for. I've lost a lot of respect for stardoll these last few months they are too mean. Funny enough other sites where you hardly pay anything at all are much nicer.

  11. It may be stardoll's website but if a lot of us co-operate more they would not get away with most of the slly things they do, infact they would lose a lot of members. But that's only if we co-operate. Stardoll can't do anything they want with their site because they depend on it's members & member's are what makes a site successful. Their figure of 90 million is innaccurate anyway people delete or abandon their accounts but they are still added as members.

  12. Well you signed up with the terms of use and you know for a fact that you shoudl not be violating their rules. Why would they even give you a warning when you already know that you should not be doing that and again, you signed up for it.

  13. Yumi(Too lazy to log in as always..)Saturday, February 12, 2011 12:54:00 PM

    I completely agree, I payed 25$ (Cheap yes..), and I'm going to become a one year superstar soon.

    At least give us a warning stardoll, we DO NOT want to wake up and see that our account-the one we've wasted a bunch of money on-to be deleted.

    And, they should also make a safe trading system, that'd be great too.

  14. Yes I Agree.
    Stardoll has all the right
    to keep there site safe.

  15. Yeah but you know, their pay checks are coming from us. So we deserve some respect at least. Just my opinion

  16. i-dressup is attracting the Stardoll market more and more because of this.


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