February 03, 2011

Justice Served. Justice Denied: Hacker Caught in the Act!

In the spirit of fairness and balanced judgement in this whole RUNWAY Magazine fiasco, I opted to give a chance to both mizzmileycyrus9 and vasia28 to air their sides of the story and avert any confusion the whole thing might have caused.

Although Vasia chose to keep quiet, Destiny (apparently, missmileycyrus9's real name), sent a quick reply to my interview request. When asked about what the whole thing was all about and about being accused of stealing the rights to publish RUNWAY Magazine, this was what she had to say:

According to her, her version of RUNWAY wasn't meant to be a magazine but rather a group in support of the real RUNWAY Magazine.


Or is it really?

Browsing through her guestbook messages, I saw things that got me all thinking about this girl's real character and intentions.

Do you remember -Pop_Tart-'s plea published over at Perez Hilton about being hacked? 

Click here to read that entry.

This attack on -Pop_Tart-'s account even prompted many to believe that the infamous Italian Mafia is back to terrorize Stardoll yet again. 

Also, if you've followed the latest developments on this story like I did, you will know that the culprit / hacker / bitch of all trades is no other than a certain misscarla90990.

What I was able to read in Destiny's (mizzmileycyrus9) guestbook got me in total shock.

Click each and every picture to view.

It appears that -Pop_Tart-'s account got stolen from the girl who stole it and the thief's prime suspect is our very own mizzmileycyrus9.

The thing was, whoever stole -Pop_Tart-'s account also managed to get hold of misscarla90990's personal email password. 

With that, even if she manages to regain control of the account she stole, she will be unable to keep it to her own since it was linked to her email who's password is now UNKNOWN to her.

What a STUPID thief to be outsmarted by another thief, eh?! LMFAO!

During their conversation, misscarla90990 even dragged more names into the picture and tried to pass suspicion onto to them. 

Read more of their conversation...

Wait! Wait! Wait! the account of -Pop_Tart- is NCG because of who? of mizzmileycyrus9? Does she know that that account was stolen? Was she the one who stole that stolen account?

And I thought I just saw a $ sign went off in her eyes when $1,500 got mentioned somewhere?

Here's where it gets more interesting:


So mizzmileycyrus9 DO KNOW that the account of -Pop_Tart- was stolen (share -Pop_Tart-'s account, eh?).

Of course she does! 

In fact, She has it NOW.

As of the moment, All the Rare clothes and furnitures in -Pop_Tart-'s stolen account is being SOLD.

In knowing all of these, dear MDM follower, I just have a few questions to leave with you:

1. If you steal a stolen account, does that make you a hero or does it make you someone if not similar, worse than the person who stole it first?

2. Is mizzmileycyrus9 just hanging around with the wrong kind of people or is she someone all of us shouldn't trust?

3. Stealing things seems to be one of this girl's forte, so do you think she planned on stealing RUNWAY Magazine and she was just found out way too early?

Tell me what you all think.

Oh! another follow up question...

What happens to young girls who, at such a young age knows nothing better than to steal virtual accounts and lie about their family members being sick with Cancer to gain sympathy???
(*cough* misscarla90990 *cough*)

They get D-E-L-E-T-E-D.


  1. I knew Blake wasn't back. It makes me sick.

  2. Carla is the hacker. She hacked Destiny, then Blake and multiple others. Now her past came back to bite her in the bum.

  3. I am not a hacker im not money hungry i did not hack -pop_tart- so stop blaming me you don't know the sides of the story ok so stop accusing me ok

  4. I just realized that the person who I thought was Blake is actually this stupid person above. It all add's up now, the weird post on PSG and the whole e-mail thing over my guestbook!

  5. This a great post! It teaches me to change my passwords :P

  6. Cool post! keeps me on the edge of my seat....

  7. Ouch what a sad bitch the "hacker" is...this just proves that she has no life. Shame.

  8. Its like a soap opera show xD But this is horrid they should just leave people alone...

  9. what is wrong with the name destiny? ;/

    this confused me a lot ;o haha, only read half... and wtf?

    advertising her blog... great? ;o

  10. Her imagination is quite active. There was a phase where she claimed to be creative director of Fashion Group, and seemed surprised that I didn't know.. Hopefully the appropriate fate will befall her.

  11. And they are royalty members what a shame (stardoll claims such members are the most dedicated & best). I wonder if they'll get a refund from stardoll now they've been deleted.

  12. misscarla90990 tried desperately to steal my account Hiyotori also, I got given the account and she saw I was on it's BFF list so she sent a friends request to Hiyotori saying I had said to give her the password because she was going to share accounts.

    I called her a scammer and a hacker in her GB and she swiftly deleted them, they came to me because Blake sold all of his rares to my account when he was getting hacked and she wanted the rares back.

  13. he he i reported carla lol! Well pop tart is now being sold and has new owner! ;D meeeee Oh and so glad Carla's off :)


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