February 04, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: 2nd Elimination

Another week has gone and it is time again to vote for your favorite blogger!

A few more of the contestants dropped out leaving us with just 11 finalists... thus, bringing us closer to knowing who the first ever Next Top Blogger is!

Again, here's the challenge that was given by the beautifully fierce and MDM's newest writer Aislin Victory.

You can read the posts of our finalists here:

Crystality - Naughty or Nice?

TinkerTayzbell - Naughty or Nice!?

Hotangel9 - Naughty or Nice?

Demi_lavato10 - Confession time: Naughty? Nice? Or Both? 

pinkyglowdust - Moi Les Misérable

ColtonAttack - Angel or Demon 

Ms.Pudzianowksi - Naughty... Or Nice?

Larsa_Gurl - Naughty or Nice?

Vote for whoever is the best here:

Again, more than 1 person might get eliminated based on your votes and the judge's decision!

And to make things more interesting, let's get the MDM followers more involved.

Guess who will be this week's Top Blogger of the Week in the comments section of this post.

One random person will be picked from those who were able to guess the Top Blogger of the Week correctly and that person will get the same prize as what the Top Blogger of the Week will be getting!

Isn't that awesome?

So what are you waiting for?

Vote for your favorite NOW!


  1. I think ColtonAttack should win (YES, again!). I don't really know. It depends on what people think. :)

  2. Even though I don't like the real one, the ladygaga girl gets my vote. I like a girl who has a bag collection & I also like her shoe display. The LE's are not for me though. I think she's naughty. Voted.

  3. Pinkyglowdust's entry is awesome! Its so creative. She just needs to improve the pics she attaches. the rest entries doesn't even know the correct grammar. liek ladygaga's entry "I didnt saw..." comon! and for some juz: childish. we cnt hav another incompitent writer in MDM.

    Cassandra of UK, Wellingborough

  4. My guess is ladygagamcqueen , i really enjoy reading her posts. :D

  5. Lulita-15 is my choice Now ;) before I uses to Nike ladygagamcqueen, she semmed so different! Now I can see that she is selfish in some ways and that makes her image worse!


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