February 13, 2011

Lonely Boy

Stardoll is a site where we can make friends and be happy, but somehow it can make us lonely too.
It keeps us away from the real social life that the world can offer.
Maybe you are an elite in Stardoll, but that accomplishment wont be recognized in real life.

Brit-on-me is known as the "transexual" elite in stardoll.
He won many awards from the previous ceremonies and has a lot of friends and successful projects, but recently he wrote this on his presentation:

"leaving stardoll after SDFW"

After reading this short, but very sad message of his, I went directly to his guestbook asking him why is he leaving.

He's one of the nicest and the most glamorous elites in Stardoll.
I personally don't want him to leave.
But as a friend i'll support him in every way I can.
I also don't want him to be the "solitary boy" I want him to be happy in his real life.

Do you think being an elite in Stardoll has negative effects in real life?
Tell me your answer


  1. Well just think of it
    you spending alot of time.
    and not going out shopping or whatever with your friends..
    i wouldn't say stardoll has a
    negative effect.
    But time to time.
    people should have a break.


  2. I think that having accomplishments mean you spend a lot of time on projects, meaning there are consequences for your real life. I've been thinking about leaving stardoll for a while, but it's my best friends that keep me here. But it's unhealthy, stardoll really can be to addictive.

  3. Yeah I agree with all the comments above me. Going online too much is unhealthy yet we can't find a way to stay out of it, and I ♥ effay too!

  4. It depends sometimes, if you know what stardoll REALLY is, knowing about elites, etc, it will be like a drug, but if you don't, then maybe it'll get boring. Btw, I love your posts Stacy!

  5. @Lulita thank you, and I totally agree on what you said :)

  6. well SOME OF elitas are usally losers in RL ...they need stardoll becouse of popularity...I don`t know Effay but I think he is a great guy bored of stardoll

  7. Over 4 years, i've taken a break from Stardoll twice. The longest one was for more than 6 months... Leaving two different worlds at a time usually is needed for you to appreciate both even more.

    Eventually though, you'll get the hang of enjoying real and virtual worlds. "Life-work-Stardoll" balance as i'd like to call it. :)

  8. Aww :D
    Being elite can really effect to your real life.I'm not an elite,I spend A LOT OF time on Stardoll and online,but I still have a lot of friends in real life.I was thinking to take a break from Stardoll for a while,I'll maybe do that,even it would be hard! Stardoll is sooooooo addictive.But I love Stardoll,Stardoll made me to love Fashion.It opened my eyes to see more then I could before.

  9. I love stardoll and do spend alot of time on it that could be used other ways but I have decided once I am old enough that I have serious exams then I have to quit=[ I will miss it but I need to think about the future.

    I don't do much anyway so for the minute its not making to negative effects and if I want to do something I just don't go on stardoll...

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  11. um you need to delete that anonymous message straight away! :o there's little kids that read this!

  12. @Fiona thanks for that tip! I didn't know I could delete comments from others XD

  13. Too much yes. We need to separate a time of the day for stardoll. A small part, thus we have more time for the real life


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