February 14, 2011

MDM Official Statement

To our dear MDM followers,

Ever since MDM started approximately three years ago, we’ve been known for putting up articles which are of high quality in terms of composition and content. We are in fact, as some people would like to call us, one of Stardoll’s first user-created lifestyle blog. The posts would range from thought provoking insights, controversial artsy illustrations and from time to time, humorously light posts about Stardoll and life in general.

Through the years, from just having Isabella and myself writing for the blog, we’ve opened up our doors to welcome more intelligent minds to contribute to the blog, further fuelling our thrust to provide an all time good, worth-the-wile read to all of MDM’s followers.

I have given all the writers a free hand on what they want to write. I have encouraged each and every one of them to grow within the blog, find their niche and keep the fire of writing burning within their hearts. I strongly believe that all of them will be responsible for every action they do within MDM parameters and none of us, I included, would never ever put any other MDM family member at an awkward situation. 

All the MDM writers are my friends. More so than that, I consider them my family. I will stand up for these people and fight for them no matter what happens. Never in the most recent past had I imagined that I will be composing a letter like this.

In line with the recent scandalous post by one of the MDM writers, I would like offer my sincerest apology to Tyler and Linda for both of their names were dragged into this fiasco... and most importantly to you our dear MDM follower for subjecting you to a material as trashy as that. 

I apologize for not being able to take control of the situation earlier on because I have things to take care of in my real life. I was checking the blog through my mobile phone connected to a weak wifi connection and so none of the posted pictures came up on my end... until I got home and saw everything finally.

I have taken down the post. Mind you, this is not about Tyler. Even if it wasn’t him on those pictures, even if those were pictures of a 40 year old guy, posts of such disgusting content have no place in this blog. 

Ysadora Powers, the writer behind that article, have been indefinitely suspended from MDM and further disciplinary actions will be discussed by all the other members of the MDM team.

Ysadora, you know I gave my complete faith and trust on you. I have warned you several times and this is the final blow. You know I will always be behind you. Even as of this moment, despite the course of action I’ve decided to take against you, I am still standing firm behind you. I hope that after all this, lessons have been learned and damaged feelings (ego) would eventually start to heal.

In behalf of all the MDM team, again, my sincerest apologies and thank you for your continuous support.

Noelle Alexandria Page
Memoires of a MeDoll - Owner


  1. Well put. I am really lucky to write for this blog. All the writers are like a virtual family.

  2. Thanks Noelle. It was a lapse in judgement on my end. The whole concept of the post wasn't suppose to come across that way but I know it still did. I am really sorry.

  3. I received those photos a week ago and knew it would be out of line to blog about it. When I noticed comments on PSG with links to the photos, I deleted them. I'm not personally a big Tyler fan, but to me it wasn't about Tyler, it was about the content and I knew it would be out of line to expose anything related to that and spill it onto the Stardoll scene. It's inappropriate and it isn't fair to Tyler himself.

  4. You could've just deleted the post, not the author. It wasn't something I'd ever post about on my blog. There is a limit. However, Tyler did post this material on a public website. I like Tyler. Immediately, I felt very bad for him. But, why? He's a king on Stardoll and Cam4. He's addicted to power, that's something that we've known for a while. He has the right to deny this, but he should maybe invest in making a new Skye account.


    I'll understand if you delete this comment, I don't mean to be cruel. I just couldn't help putting that image together.

  5. @Anonymous, I need not explain myself to you.

    Better read my letter again.

  6. I'm glad you deleted that post because even though the pictures were blanked out you could see what it was. A young child might've seen it and even I thought the pictures were a bit odd to be on a blog mostly about a website for 9-18 year olds.

    @Anon, those pictures weren't Tyler

  7. I found a website just like MDM
    I came across it when searching for MDM

  8. Coolgirl, no, the first one is actually 100% Tyler. I take it you're relatively new here... He had a live webchat in 2008, I remember it.


    The boy in that image is identical to the one in the "Tylerisbold exposed" image. You can't deny that, come on. I guess it doesn't matter though, time to forget about this "scandal" and move on...

  9. This blog is so tight nit it is so nice to see a letter saying that and an apology is so thoughtful. However I like you do wish it had not had to come to this. The post was a bit to graphic and unfortuneately decisions had to be made.

    I am sorry to know ysadora has been suspended but maybe for now its the best option. I hope it all works out x0x...

  10. I was thinking the same thing Baya said! Those photos were a bit too graphic, even though it was like 'whatever, that's gross', I didn't feel like talking about dirty photos, regardless if they were him or not..

    Its just wrong..

    But maybe if it didn't have all the content of the photos of it on it, it would have been more safe to talk about?

  11. I agree with Baya, however I will be missing Ysadoras posts.

  12. Ysadora deserves to be suspended from MDM. Seriously. That's sick to do to someone. Especially to a minor? That's disgusting. I have truly lost all my respect for you.

  13. Well she writes very well and that's what's the most important.

    Besides, Tyler is just a pornstar in the making who whores out not just on Stardoll but also in front of 40 year old men as well. SICK.


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