February 24, 2011

My Apology....

I know, I know. I'm guilty of doing something bad and this is my public apology to everyone.

Many of you have heard of my and LadyGagaMcQueen's newest project, The Stardoll Elite List. I personally love the idea from her but a lot of you didn't share the same opinion as mine.
The main reason of the blog is to give some recognition to those people who gave a lot of time and effort to make their marks in Dollywood, and to advertise some new dolls who have real talents.

But, the wrong part of me just kicked in....

I told my friend to put our names on the list.
Yeah, it's pretty stupid and mean for me to do that, but I don't know........
I think I just wanted fame?

To tell you the truth, since from the start I really wanted to be a part and have a feature in those big Stardoll blogs and I don't know why. By God's grace, I was able to be a part of MDM but i'm still not contented, so I created some projects that I think will make me big. 
Here comes the Elite List and i'm on PSG and SMW, giving me some negative views and it's not exactly what I wanted......
You won't get everything you want, trust me i've learned from the hard way.

and as to MaryKate, it was never an intention of us to copy you. Someone suggested us to do your idea or maybe that someone hasn't heard from you too. Sorry.

I'm not going to trash the blog, instead i'm going to find a way or formulate an idea to make it work.
I will work hard and try not to step on anybody's toes.

I am contented now on where I am in Dollywood...



  1. I hope you get out of this mess and really the idea IS nice, but still the names in the blog.. some of them are not meant to be there and some are missing so... :)

  2. It's really hard to post public apologies. And this one seems really heart felt. I personally loved what you were doing as far as making the list in order to recognize people's achievements and giving them the "Elite" title because they've done something to impact Stardoll. Not because they've been around the longest, own the most rares and LE or because they max out their parents credit cards to make their dolls look the best. I believe that the project you created could really work as long as those intentions stay pure and you're dolling out the "Elite" title for the right reason and not trying to make one person feel better than another. I made a mistake similar to that and I don't want you or your friend to travel down the same path.

    You're a great person and we all make mistakes. Some big some small; but when it comes right down to it, it's not about who made the biggest fuck up and who made the smallest; it's about who's trying to right their wrong and make things better.

  3. Good luck with your project. I think people were too harsh on you.

  4. Thanks for this nice post. Its ok to want fame and to be a success and people should maybe ease up but At least you knew it was a strange thing to do.

    I liked how it gave others who have done so much work credit for their achievements, I don't mind the length but its just if everyone gets credit. I said something like that in a comment on the blog and I meant it. Some people are being very hard on you for this I hope it works out ok ...

  5. It was brave for you to come with a list as such... but to admit that there were mistakes along the way is even more admirable. Good job Stacy. :)

  6. I understand how difficult it would have been for you to express how you really felt by doing this post and you definitely did. The post was very heartfelt, touching and deep and I was very able to understand exactly how you felt and that you really meant what you were saying.
    Not only that, but it was also very mature of you to do this post. Many girls would just hide away or continue making the mistake they are doing. But you're not, you're making a difference and putting something you know is wrong that you've done right.
    I think the Elite list is a good idea and like Aislin Rane Victory said, as long as you put members of Stardoll on the list that are doing right in the Stardoll world then there's nothing wrong with the Elite list.
    Keep up the good work and well done!
    Natalie x :)
    Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

  7. At first, I was a bit skeptical because I didn't see you or your friend defending themselves. I thought you were going to act like nothing was wrong and keep the blog the way it was despite the negative feedback. I appreciate you coming out and saying sorry, and I hope to see the blog become more sucessful as it matures.

    *maybe user of the week? I dont know. You shouldn't just mention "elites" though..

  8. You deserve to be fired

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  10. This is a very heart felt apology, and I totally understand. I really think your project could be really great so I'm glad you're not giving up. On PSG there was a suggestion that you go more in depth than just a list, because one of the main complaints of the list is that people have no idea who half the people are. Maybe if you were to write what the people on the list accomplishments are others would be able to see your reasoning for you putting them on the list (:

  11. Thank you all so much for reading and posting some heart boosting comments. :)
    I promise to do better soon....

  12. @anon

    She does NOT deserve to be fired! Everyone makes mistakes so stop being a bitch.

  13. I actually agree with the anonymous actually, her posts are awful and boring, beyond that she's clearly here to get some popularity rather than to write articles to inform others.

    Honestly, I feel Noelle dropped the ball ever employing such an obvious fame whore.

  14. I think you did the right thing and every one forgived you and who didn't have no heart you are nice person :D
    Salty dan-FUCK YOUR ASS ,, ok ? your posts are the most fuckin awful posts on earth stop beeing so mean !~ you are showing off always and for nothing you think you're talented ? well .. open your eyes baby .. the only reason you write for famous blogs and you are famous is that you are boy . :P her posts are great and the only boring person is ummm who ??? YOU WHOLE ASS

  15. The last anon is a retard.

    Dan is crazy talented, yes, I think he can be harsh but at least he's brave enough to say what he thinks out in the open, he's been blogging for longer than this fame whore has been on stardoll.

  16. @Anonymous- I think your being a little harsh on Dan, actually. Dan is just saying what a lot of people want to say, but don't have the guts to.
    As of the post, I think it was really brave of you to make a public apology. Good luck (:

  17. I think putting people in order is just stupid but if you want to do it, dont let anyone else stop you

  18. WOW..Now I am the harsh one .. oh mean me .. I am the anon who said the Dan is not talented ... You see who's deneding on him girls couz they wish him to give them a "Hello." ..But hey I say my opinion in open too . Fuck you salty dan ..


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