February 24, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: 4th Elimination and Raffle

The 4th elimination for MDM's Next Top Blogger is now on!

A few days back, Deidra (aka To_Royal), was introduced as one of MDM's newest writers. Dei was also the one who gave our finalists their weekly challenge.

To refresh your memories, here's what it was:

I have chosen to introduce this week's entries as i found this week's challenge quite interesting.

I myself have been a victim of, should i say, irresponsible blogging. From multiple burn books years ago up to the most popular gossip blogs in Stardoll today.

Just recently, one blogger came to a conclusion that I (Noelle Page), Isabella.Arci & Bubblyminty is just one and the same person.

There is a borderline between a hypothesis and a conclusion. The latter being the final ultimate truth and the former, as an observed phenomenon that requires more explanation... or investigation.

There is freedom of speech, i agree. But really... how far is too far?

Isabella hasn't been logging in for days due to some commitments she would have to attend to in her real life. When she gets back though, here's what she'll be welcomed with in her guestbook:

As mentioned in the Top Blogger Mail  from Dei, writing has such potent powers that can make or break. 

Soothe or hurt. 

Yin and Yang.

The remaining 9 finalists have more opinions of their own about this timely topic and i myself found a lot of interesting points in their entries.

Responsible Blogging?
"So many hatred is in the air these days. Yeah, so Stardoll is virtual but the people behind the computer screen aren't. They are actual people with actual feelings.
I should know how they feel like when they are made fun of, trust me. Even if it is over the computer, they still have feelings just as you do. If someone takes advantage of me for my age on the computer, deep deep down inside it hurts....  read more"

Is there a Limit?
"When you blog, it should always be the truth. Not something that your foolish brain makes up for the amusement of yourself and the supposed amusement of other people. No, that wouldn't work. There are people on Dollywood that do contradict what others are claiming. Some of those are using their common sense, when the Blogger is simply giving it away to get so called "fame" on his or her part. What I am getting at is, truth is a necessity... read more"

Mind Boggling Blogging
"Blog before was just the online version of Dear Diary…

Little did we know, different kinds of blogs are starting to spring like Tulips in Vondelpark Amsterdam or Saffron in Cyprus... read more"

OTT Blogging?

"Responsible blogging.

Sensible blogging...

Proper blogging...

What defines these qualities?

Lets start with some definitions.... read more"

Over the top?
"Are blogging crimes over the top or just good juicy gossip?
Are they inappropriate or exciting and daring?

Honestly, I have no clue... read more"

Right Or Wrong?
"Sometimes while typing on our keyboards a little thought comes to our mind.......What's The Difference Between Right or Wrong? (In blogging) How will the world be affected by this little puny post? What will happen when I press that 'Publish Post' Button located on the bottom left hand corner of my screen? Like the Tyler controversy that I won't push further on the topic... read more"

Are there blogging crimes?
"Stardoll had become a parallel world to the one that we live on.
We can find magazines with gossips, elites, the ones who replace celebrities, blogs, and now even movies.
But at the time to create, do we think of our readers and that person we are talking about?... read more"

Too much?
"In light of recent events that have ocurred on Stardoll, it truly makes me wonder if there is a fine line between right and wrong on Stardoll blogging. Gossip and blogging is so powerful, and a simple opinionated post on a blog such as Perez Hilton of Stardoll or Memoires of A MeDoll can be enough reason to completely alter somebody's personal opinion... read more"

Is This My Limit?
"Every person has his limit and every single blog has also his limits. But which are they really ?
Difficult question, no ?... read more"

Like with all the previous weekly eliminations we had, YOU, dear MDM follower would have to make a choice on who you think should progress in this competition and be the ultimate Top Blogger.

Vote for your favorite here:

Would you be able to guess who will be this challenge's Top Blogger of the Week?

Write who you think it would be in the comments section and if your guess is as good as the poll results, you will win 100 Stardollars!

Good luck to all the finalists!




  1. I liked...iswim19's post. It's my fave.

    (If Sierra does win, don't give the prize to me. I'm already getting 100 stardollars soon ;] )

  2. I like LadygagaMcQueen's post its awesome

  3. I've been accused of being a brat as one girl called my friend fat and another accused me of being a fame-seeker as I held my NCG trophy 6 days after I had won it. Im not saying who said this but I know they proberly will read this as they are part of MDM themselves. I was told that I was making something bigger out of something virtual, my medoll isn't real, she doesn't read the mean comments but I do, I'm real and it hurts hard even if it's about a virtual world as in away I'm my medoll too. I'm happy to say one of the girls sort of said sorry without telling me which is all that I really wanted anyway :)

  4. I really loved iswim19's post. It was interesting, not too long and really catchy. :)

  5. I enjoyed pinkyglowdust's post. It was enjoyable.

  6. I find it highly ironic LadyGaGaMcQueen wrote her post yet runs a blog which basically segregates people for being 'better' than others, is that not bullying in a form?

    She is a terrible writer, a bland personality and above all a fame seeking welite.

  7. iswim19 ! i like the post because it kept me reading :) good luck to her!

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  9. Iswim19. I just loved reading her post. It was interesting and kept me reading.

  10. all voted and nice task it gave the writers so much chance to show their skills

  11. I think it'll be larsa_gurl

  12. Ms.Pudazinkowski (If I spelt it right) is my vote. I thought it was pretty nice.

    I enjoyed iswim19's also.

  13. This time, I really enjoyed iswim19's post. It was well-written and well-thought-of.

  14. I enjoyed Larsa_Gurl's post.

  15. Scratch that Last Post I think it will be Lulita-15.


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