February 10, 2011

Perez's "Three year anniversary" PARTY!

Do you all remember Perezstargossip?

She is the creator of "Stardoll's most hated website"; taking some inspiration from the real life blog which revolves around celebrities which made Perez Hilton famous, Perezstargossip began to observe the world of Stardoll and its members. She came from humble beginnings and grew to be known for her sheer talent of entertaining us with her witty and hilarious work.

I have always admired her- the way she writes, and most importantly, how she voices out her thoughts and opinions in a manner which is not oh so sweet or negatively harsh. I barley know Perez but from what I have seen from her and heard about her, I can gather that she is a divinely nice and a humble person indeed. Someone that we should look up to infact.

From the start, most of us have really enjoyed reading her posts about Stardoll...throughout these years she has put hard work into the website and made sure that it was enjoyable and entertaining to all of us.

And guess what?

We have been musing over the blog for three years now!

Inevitably this calls for a celebration to commemorate the blog's huge success and to repay its dear followers. Apart from the muchly anticipated "Classique Awards" ceremony held this Saturday, we can all get excited and rake through our wardrobes for something positively pink...

I HEART Perez, I really do. Get your virtual agendas open and make sure to write down a reminder for this party- you do not want to miss it!
The dress code is Valentine's or Pink, so go and vist the Starplaza for some fabulous new frocks...because you will have to dress to impress!

Cannot wait!


  1. I can't wait either, do you know where it is and if anyone can go?

    It is such a good time for the party as valentines is near and its all pink too ^_^

  2. I am sure that Perez said that she would post a link for tinychat when the party is up and running...check the blog, I cannot remember exactly.

  3. I'm coming, I hope she sticks around and throws more parties they're always fun. Usually anyone can come to her parties evermore1girl, but I guess since this is a special occasion maybe it's just for her friends? She didn't say that on the blog though. They used to be in her gb but now she's doing it on tinychat, she has the link in her presentation.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?