February 10, 2011

Strictly Prohibited: Nipples

Hello MDM follower!

It’s me again, Ysadora Powers giving you the latest top of the hour news in Stardollandia.

I am sure that all of you have seen this dress around as it was quite famous, not to mention controversial especially among the elites.

Well guess what, the designer of this dress, Kasia (aka undamyumbrellla) just got deleted.

photo courtesy of perezstargossip

It seems like Kasia got deleted during her interview with MDM's Next Top Blogger finalist and NOUS Magazine owner, Lulita-15.

Anyway, you can read most of the details here.

On my opinion, I really see nothing wrong with this dress. 

I mean c’mon… That’s just a nipple (That’s not even both nipples exposed for Christ’s sake!).

Your mom has it, your dad, your brother, your sister. Even you have it (and I believe 80% of the Stardoll Staff have it too).


I think Stardoll just has an issue with nipples. They seem to be fine with lots of cleavage from other designers.

 beautifully designed blouses from Allison_Arg

As of the recent time, some of the biggest Stardoll elites are parading in their suites wearing the now infamous dresses.




Are these elites wearing Kasia's creation as a sign of protest?

Maybe. Maybe not.

What if the Stardoll Staff sees them wearing the "Prohibited"? Will these people be reprimanded... deleted as well?

So what do you think is the borderline between artsy and offensive

You decide.
Kasia is back!
But for those who wanted to get those controversial dresses of hers, I think they would have to wish for something else now.
Here's what she had to say on Noelle's guestbook:

Being out on "bail" isn't that bad though... at least she got her account back. :-)

And about the "Better hide everything!" comment of hers, will Stardoll confiscate any of her designs from those who were able to get their hands on them?


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  2. I've seen many nipple designed dresses, tops, etc on Stardoll yet majority of them don't get deleted.

    I believe the reason Kasia was deleted was because it was all over Stardoll themed blogs.

    I think her dresses were inappropriate to be honest. Stardoll has younger children on it and things such as that aren't very good for them to be seeing. She didn't follow Stardoll rules and therefore was deleted.

    I do believe though that she should have been given a warning, not just have been deleted.

  3. @ EssRox, to be honest I think they are fine. When dressing male dolls, removing their clothes, you see the bulge, tiny or big,you see their nipples and sometimes snail trails. I believe people classify snail trails as pubic hairs.

    They are being too hypocritical.

  4. I understand why Stardoll did it, they already censor a lot of things anyway, like saying 'hoe', 'slut', and other words, even if they aren't connected! So I don't see why it is surprising she got deleted.

    BUT, most likely people kept reporting her...

    But I did really like the designs, I personally wanted one myself. But too late I guess..

  5. I don't understand why people were so surprised she was deleted, I would have been surprised if she hadn't been.

  6. I don't think it was worth being deleted over and it was unfair to do that if she has put so much money and effort into her doll. I am not a big fan of this style but it is their choice and it isn't corrupting anyones mind lets face it most users are girls and have them .

    Plus school teaches about things like this, its cool of the other elites to protest. It shows they stand up for friends...

  7. I can't help but notice that Noelle Page looks like Eva Longoria here. Sometimes she looks likes Kim Kardashan. She looks so classy even with one of her tits out.

  8. There is an issue here that is much broader than this one on Stardoll. Male dolls proudly display both nipples, one female doll attempts to show one delicate barely-noticeable pink nipple and she's shunned. I mean, some of the designs I made were tongue-in-cheek, and they were kind of stupid. I made them for myself though, it wasn't until a lot of people started asking for me to sell them. I think this whole issue is just sick though. If a female goes shirtless she will be sexualized, and she will run the risk of being raped or harassed. Men's chests may be similarly arousing to women, but a woman won't rape. We have to protect ourselves, we have to cover up. That's not something that will change anytime soon. I would never go out shirtless, and that's fine. It's just sick. I get it, I understand it... I just find the idea of having to be punished for something like this to be unfortunate.


    I was kidding when I said you have to hide the designs. I don't think it matters, but I should probably not put mine on display. And, I can't be making more to sell anytime soon.

  9. Very well said Kasia... Yes, I'm still wearing your creation and no... i don't think i will be taking it off anytime soon. :)

  10. I thought they deleted her? How can she have her account back? Well, that's kinda like unfair. Stardoll's playing favorites now.

  11. Im keeping my design.
    SCREW YOU, Stardoll.

    This is ART.

  12. It isn't art! Her account shouldn't have been restored. it's sick and perverted.

  13. I actually don't think it was too much about the nipples & tits.. Just probably about the drugs & pills.

  14. Yumi(Too lazy to log in as always..)Saturday, February 12, 2011 1:02:00 PM

    I was perfectly fine with the nipple showing one, I mean EVERYONE has an effing nipple!!

    But the one with the excessive cleavage, was just offensive. To me anyways, as someone with that much effing cleavage in real life(More actually, and it hurts like a bitch), I think those are offensive.

    But, I'm modest when dressing and I'm into cross dressing like a boy way to often... (Ignore my weirdness). But seriously, we can't have an outfit that shows an effing nipple, but we can have shirts with excessive cleavage?!


    -superjuniormfan (Supah dupa diva Fave song ever!)

  15. I get what you
    but in my opinion i see
    it as abit


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