February 11, 2011

Tyler Moves On!

A few days ago, Tylerisbold left his own blog, tylerstoptrends.blogspot.com.

He left us some lengthy parting words but this particular paragraph just stuck to me:  
"People just take this blog for granted. I am not sure if they know what they have until it's actually gone. Blogging is not fun anymore because no one wants to give their feedback. Everyone is worried about their image. They are too worried to do something crazy and stand out. But then... Come to think about it, those are the types of people that say that don't care about our world. The ones that say it's just virtual. They care."

Now if I am to read between the lines on this statement, as any intelligent person would, this is how I would interpret it:

"I am not getting enough attention from this blog. I deserve more. Of course, I am Tyler. It's not fun to blog and not receive ten and thousands of comments because that's what I was born for. To get noticed. I will be back. And this time, I will get all the attention I can get and deserve."

True to a famewhore's unspoken words, this is what we are all faced with now:  

Tyler is now writing for the Official Stardoll Blog.

How surprising can that be, eh?

I wonder if he will be blogging about his past "encounter" with Isabella Arci?
Just to refresh your memories, read it here:

Now that will bring back all those attention.

What do you all think?


  1. Cool, now he can bore a larger audience LOL!

  2. Oh I have not heard of him, guess I better get out from under my rock rofl...

  3. He's a disappointment. I wonder why Stardoll hired him?

  4. We all knew
    he was gonna come back to his
    blog :|


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?