February 05, 2011

While Digesting a Piece of Cake

Introductions seem to be deemed necessary as of late, and while I type this without my contacts in, please excuse any typos, for I am far too lazy and far too tired to give a shit.

I hate talking about myself, but I am not beyond it, so here we go.
My name is Aislin, pronounced Ay-slin....not Ah-Slin, that's just stupid.

Of course I should say that I am grateful for this opportunity and all of that bullshit.
Don't get me wrong, I'm more than grateful to be here. I would just assume that others new that.

I can promise that in my time with MDM I won't be playing favoritism and writing about friends to better their "popularity". I can also promise you that any godforsaken anonymous comment you leave on my posts will either be ignored or damned to the depths of an imaginary place most religious beings like to call Hell, depending on my mood.

Thanks again for the lukewarm welcome I've received.

-Blind girl with face covered in chocolate.


  1. sounds awesome ;D love people like that, ai-slin ;)

  2. Hello, welcome I am sorry to hear your reception was only luke warm WELCOME YOU AMAZING WRITER! I can't wait to hear most posts :D...

  3. In Ireland,by just seeing your name it would be pronounced Ash-lin :P

  4. Haha Lily, I am American and it's pronounced Ay-slin. Yes, you do pronounce the S, whomever asked that.

  5. Hey - send this comment to hell if you want, but YOU come across as a real selfish bitch. I can see why your "welcome" was lukewarm. Many people would kill for this opportunity. Come on, be a little bit nicer, As-LIN. ;]

  6. Your an amazing writer- congratz and welcome!

  7. I don't think it's that kind to send all the anonymous posts to hell, or to where your imagination takes you.

    I like anonymous comments and un-anonymous, and if I was ever a writer here I'd be fine with whatever comments, anonymous or otherwise.

    Anyways, Welcome? :)

  8. Welcome!
    I so have dyslexia and I've been calling you alisin all this time....I know better now (:

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @Anonymous

    Your pride and guts in your writing fall to the side when you're actually made to show your identity and that's just a little cowardly.

    When you feel you have something useful to say, don't hide your face.

  11. I kind of agree with Anonymous.

    I feel that you did come of as bitchy, and first impressions are always most important. If I didn't know better, I would have judged from the start.

    I had thought you were a nice girl before what you said here, and now MY feelings about you are "lukewarm".

    A lot of people would kill for this, and I know you said it, but I don't feel much gratitude.

    Well, that's maybe just my opinion.


  12. you know, aislin has a point.
    If you have something to say,don't be a baby.

  13. @Aislin ('scuse me if it's misspelled)

    Hmm, in my opinion there is no need having to be rude to anonymous. I remember once having to use an anonymous account, and aren't we all just using an alias on the computer?

    I remember this rule I was taught in kindergarden,

    'Treat others as you wish to be treated.'

    I did enjoy your other post though, your writing is actually pretty darn good. It's extremely well done.



Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?