February 04, 2011

To mizzmileycyrus9: Liars Go To HELL. Thieves Go Where?

Okay so for all you naive and clueless souls out there who doesn't know who mizzmileycyrus9 is (where were you all hiding?!), better get yourselves updated through these posts and watch the whole story unfold.

and Baya's post in Stardoll's Most Hated Website.

Destiny aka mizzmileycyrus9 sent me a message in Stardoll.

Humor yourselves:

Here's what she actually said there:

"My side of the story is that all that is a pack of made up lies me and carla have everything sorted and she found out it wasn't me she has forgiven me now ok so i suggest you say sorry over at memories of a medoll and it was not me posing over at PSG as i have a succesfull blog of my own ok so please tell all the readers at Memories of a medoll and the Runway Gazatte party is still going a head tommorow 7pm GMT UK time try your best to come i will mail the spoiler to PikesPeakGirl" 

Alright, so you need not write in any other blog because you have a "succesfull" blog of your own?

First of all, you can't even spell the word successful the right way so I won't assume that you've tasted any.

Second, if you have such a "succesfull" blog of your own and you don't need any blogs to write in, why was I able to come across this in Miss Isabella's guestbook? 

You're a good for nothing trash.

Me? Make an apology to you? LMAO!

Here's what I shall do instead...

Since you want publicity so bad, I'll go to the launch of your STOLEN RUNWAY MAGAZINE later, bring my ever reliable digital camera and take photos of you while you are being dragged out of your suite by virtual cops for stealing virtual accounts.


Good. :-)

Aren't you scared of where you will be in real life 10 years from now?

Same as where your medoll will be.

Hasta la vista jail bird!


  1. I don't think you should be making decisions before you hear the real story. Also, you shouldn't get involved with others. Them that need to sort it out should sort it out by themselves and don't need you telling the whole world about it.

    Though that is just my opinion. Everyone has a right to think what they want. xoxo

  2. @Catriona ♥ Winniegirl123: Yes that's true. It's just that "I know" the story behind it. If you refer to other posts not only on here but also from other blogs you will know what I mean.

    Writing about something doesn't mean that you are involving yourself in that situation. You should know that. You writye too don't you?

    Destiny is a LIAR. She stole accounts, posed as other people and lied to ME and to other people as well. I WILL tell the whole world about it because they have the right to know. To get warned. Probably.

    That's the whole point of blogging. showing transparency and uncovering the truth.

    But an opinion like this coming from a blogger / writer like you is just surprising.

  3. Your like a journalist or something.
    Nice job! :)

  4. She's nothing but a delusional elite wannabee. She steal's graphics, hacks people and pretends to be them, she even put my Elite Entertainment logo on one of her 'sucessful' blogs and she not even part of EE!!! She's flat out crazy!!!

  5. ...and to think we are just on a virtual girls' site. Scary...

  6. OwwwOww.
    This is all truee.


  7. I thought you said they were deleted? I knew it would be hard for stardoll to delete paying members.

  8. Ouch! The truth hurts doesn't it?
    Lairs these days...

  9. Wasn't this graphic made by Lily Rose? I'm a big fan of her blog, and it makes me a bit curious to see an exact replica!...

  10. That invite graphic was actually part of Recherce Magazine made by Lily Rose. I am the model in the graphic.


  11. She's a famewhore.
    I found this on one of the comments in Perez Hilton of Stardoll.


  13. I may not like the girl, but it doesn't exactly give you the right to go bitching about her. You should shut up and focus on your own problems instead of other people's. Okay, so what she did wasn't right, but you're not any better for this. All you stardoll people make me sick. Get over yourselves and please, get a life.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?