February 09, 2011

You've been a very very bad bad girl !

So what does it really means being naughty ? Or nice
Personally I'll always think about that : Did I choose the right thing to do ? Or I've been a bad girl and I didn't see it ? 

LadyGaGaMcQueen's been a NAUGHTY GIRL.
Yes, she has been. 
Once upon a time, a very rock-fashion little girl discovered that she could have everything that she'd like just being beautiful. So she decided to use it and till today this girl have all what she wants. 
This girl's ME.
Everyday I put make up on, I wear high heels from designers. I may be a dangerous girl, no ? Once I'm at High School I'm used to laugh at outside people with my friends. I may be a b*tch, no ? But this is the dark side. I'm almost like that all the time. 
May I think about the other side ?…
I would be a good girlfriend, a good friend you can count on, a funny girl, an intelligent girl and a NICE GIRL. I don't take drugs, but sometimes I drink Champagne. I don't smoke but I often wear eyeliner. 

So the answer of the question : Are you Naughty or Nice
Only my friends and my family could know this, cause they know me well and you don't. But you can decided to be friend with me in stardoll and have your personal opinion.

Would you be able to choose between NAUGHTY or NICE for all the things :

 Amazing LE collection.

Twice NCG.

Amazing Bag collection.

Amazing Shoe collection.

And I just can't get enough !


  1. What's the point of this post? Your writing is really disjointed.

  2. @I miss Dan:( - LadyGaGaMcQueen won the followers choice for top blogger of the week in the Next Top Blogger 2nd Challenge.

    This was her entry.

  3. I get that, but the content itself was just random and incoherent.

  4. I loved your article it was really well written..

  5. Um.. not to be mean but... you aren't the only member with all of those 'amazing' things, so...

    This post was bad to me, I didn't really see a point or connection with the first and last parts or even the title other than to talk about herself.


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