February 08, 2011

MDM Welcomes emorox4eva!

It is with great pleasure and honor that we are introducing the newest member of the MDM Family to all of our loyal followers.

Let's all welcome... Jenna aka emorox4eva!

This is the first time that Jenna will be writing for another blog aside from the very successful Stardoll's Most Wanted which she also owns and to say that we are fortunate to have her here is an understatement.

In the coming days, she and MDM's very own Miss Noelle Page will be launching a project that will be one of the most controversial ever in Stardoll history.

Buit for now, a challenge for the finalists of MDM's Next Top Blogger is one of Jenna's first task:

Two had already been unveiled...

Who's next?

Again, to Jenna, we are so proud to have you here.


  1. You know, MDM has the best people out there writing for it.

    This blog rocks.

  2. Thanks guys! I'm really excited to be here!

  3. Om my I am so happy to see Jenna writing here I love her writing style and combined with the diversity of this blog I can't wait to see the posts...xx


  4. WoW! MDM keeps on getting better and better!

  5. The graphics are excellent! Who does the graphics of mdm?

  6. Noelle you're a genius. You have the best writing staff ever!

  7. What if the "The Royal" blogger is "to_royal"?

  8. I'm ready for the next two,
    hopefully they will be as enchanting!

    Welcome to the blog Jenna!

    -superjuniormfan (I don't wanna log in, hehe.)

  9. Don't you think you already have enough elites writing for this blog?

  10. I am so excited to see your posts and what you will bring here on MDM

  11. Don't you think you already have enough elites writing for this blog? <------ As Noelle said before, More writers, more thoughts to ponder on.

    She should not be writing, she never even writes on her own blog and gets otherss to do it for her.
    Her fashion sense sucks, her dolls nose is just hideous. And all she can EVER write about are competitions.
    She thinks she is an elite and so awesome. I think fi you want this blog to honestly succeed you should stop getting elites to write. Find people out there whom are not superstar and have never been superstar, or normal members maybe even some lower class royalty members, than you will be different.
    I like elites, I'm friends with some of them, but it irritates me so much how there are amazing and talanted writers out there yet you don't give them a writing position but other girls just because they are 'well' known so that they can boost your blogs views...


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?