March 04, 2011

"Are you LV enough?" Competition Entries

Hi everyone!

A few months back, Maggie (aka Findurlove), made this competition entitled Are you LV enough?.

The contest was opened to all interested graphic designers around and they were asked to translate these pictures into how they see it based on their designing prowess:

I guess Maggie got inspired to do this when she saw a lot of the posts here on MDM are in reference to the popular brand (Louis Vuitton)...

*it's as if that isn't obvious on the clothes we're both wearing on the banner :)*

I know this contest is a bit overdue... but again... it's better late than never!

There were six (the 6th one apparently sent her entry to Maggie through email) entries in total and if i may say, they were all D-I-V-I-N-E!




Hautechatnoit aka Goldenheart Threads



Vote for your favorite here:

Good Luck girls! :)


  1. JosphinaA's was just WOW.

    It was amazing!!

  2. Hard to choose :S
    They're all great!

  3. i'm bored..plz MDM make a new post..just plz!

  4. Wow, the rest are amazing :D Just voted my fave one!
    @Yumi Thank you! <3

  5. Its too hard to choose they are all just brilliant...

  6. WOW! Mine looks awful compared to the beautys up there. I have improved in graphics greatly though, so it looks very.. not very good. xD

    Good luck!

  7. I saw in an earlier version of this post that the top three will win either 200 or 300 SDs. Is that still true?

    Thanks and good luck to everyone. Its nice to see people working on graphic art. The dress on mine is all done by hand btw. I just thought it would be fun to use my real stardoll too. My SD user name is hautechatnoir.

  8. Hi! This is hautechatnoir. I'm not sure if I had voted yet so I just voted. If I accidently voted twice please just count one of the votes. I am looking forward to finding out which of us won. Thanks!


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